Independent wrestler Leroy "The Human Tackboard" Patterson has arguably one of the most niche collections -- Patterson has amassed over 4000+ copies of the Xbox and Xbox 360 game Sneak King. I was lucky enough to get the chance to ask him a few questions.

Yes, the Burger King tie-in game where you act as the titular King and sneak up to people and sneak four different types of food to people. This game is nothing short of wild, and it's pretty cool that someone has amassed such a collection.

Patterson has wrestled for XPW and Freakshow Wrestling. Most recently fans have gotten a chance to see him on AEW and AEW Dark. Patterson was also on season 10 of America's Got Talent, showing off his high pain threshold!

What do you collect?

Videogames and specifically the 2006 Xbox Burger King Game Sneak King.

How did you get into that?

I've been collecting since 1990 when I got my first Game System, The NES. Sneak King started in 2016 when I found 50 copies at the dollar store.

Is Burger King aware of your collection?

I reached out on Twitter but got no response. As long as they don't send a cease and desist for the YouTube show we have, then that's fine with me!

What’s your favorite item in your collection?

Aside from my 4000+ copies of Sneak King, my fav item might be either the early build of Spiderman I have or the games I worked on during my game career, many years ago.

Do you have a holy grail item?

My grail would totally have to be, Pokemon Box for the GameCube! I found a sealed PC game and sold it on eBay for 1,900 dollars on eBay, then used that money to buy Pokemon.
I'm also a huge fan of all the VR headsets! I just ordered the new Meta Quest Pro!

What games do you like on the VR?

Recently I've been hooked on Bonelab! Any game that allows me to do wrestling moves off of buildings is amazing in my book!

Other Favs are Superhot, Blood and Truth, Sairento, Stride, Until Dawn: Rush Of Blood, Marvel Powers United, and Gorn...

Did you ever play the Virtual Boy back in the day?

I still have my Virtual Boy! It's a nightmare!
You can follow Sneak Kings on YouTube, and be sure to check out Patterson's Twitter for all the latest on where he'll wrestle next, as well as updates on his Sneak King collection!
If you're interested in starting your own Sneak King empire, you may be in luck. Copies for this game routinely sell for under $10 on eBay, making this a very affordable game to dive into. 2006 was a big year for Burger King tie-in video games -- Big Bumpin and PocketBike Racer were also released the same year. While you may get lucky and them at your local thrift or even dollar store, these very common video games are everywhere on eBay. Just like Sneak King, the other two games go for under $10 as well.
The Nintendo Virtual Boy -- nightmares and all -- is a big collector's piece for Nintendo and VR fans. In October of 2022, a number of Virtual Boys sold on eBay. Without the box consoles sold between $119 - $200, while consoles with the box sell between $300 - $600.
Virtual Boys are even being sold for parts for $130 respectively, making this a unique opportunity for collectors and investors. Games for the Virtual Boy are also highly collectible, with only a handful being released between Japan and North America.

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