San Diego, CA (August 14, 2007)—Fans of 24 will no longer need to wait for the show’s season seven premier in January to get more of Jack Bauer and his escapades. Now, enthusiasts can find out what happened before season one even hit the air, through IDW Publishing’s trade paperback (TPB) edition of 24: Nightfall. Originally released as six-issue miniseries, this was the first-ever 24 comic book miniseries.

A prequel to the hit Fox television series, 24: Nightfall begins before the clock started ticking on season one. At that time, CTU Agent Jack Bauer was the head of an elite Special Forces team, which was sent to take down mass-murderer Victor Drazen—a most challenging task by any means, but especially in the war-torn former Yugoslavia. Events quickly spiraled out of control, as the hunters become the hunted and the truth behind the pivotal Operation: Nightfall is revealed.

24: Nightfall art was created by Jean Diaz and was written by regular 24 writers J.C. Vaughn and Mark L. Haynes, the team that brought you 24: One Shot, 24: Stories, and 24: Midnight Sun.

24 TPB - Nightfall

"For fans of 24, this is the story that sets everything in motion for Jack Bauer," said co-writer Vaughn. "The events in season one were directly related to events two years to the day earlier. [With this story] our readers get to see exactly what happened and lead to the coolest show on television."

Michael Peikoff, vice-president 20th Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising said, "IDW Publishing and its talented team takes the 24 fans to a place before the series begins. And the writers continue to deliver on the taut, engaging and almost-addictive quality of 24 in this creative iteration.”

The 24: Nightfall TPB hits bookstores and comic book stores this August. For more information, please refer to