Those anticipating the release of 30 Days of Night to the big screen this October 19, 2007 will also have a chance to enjoy the further expansion of the 30 Days world and characters through IDW Publishing’s horrific new comic book, 30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow.

The much-anticipated motion picture from Sony Pictures, directed by David Slade, best known for directing Hard Candy, and starring leading Hollywood actor Josh Hartnett, is based on IDW Publishing’s original 30 Days of Night graphic novel, which launched in 2002. The terrifying story details a small Alaskan town—Barrow—that is overrun by vampires during 30 sunless days of the harsh northern winter. When released, the horrifying vampire tale shocked the comic book world and quickly became a bona-fide smash hit.

With two direct graphic novel sequels and assorted spin-off series and prose novels since the original, Beyond Barrow picks up where the ongoing story have left off. This time a new creature is lurking that is preying on both humans and vampires. “By introducing a new threat even to the vampires, this story takes the whole idea further than it’s ever gone before,” says Chris Ryall, publisher and editor-in-chief at IDW Publishing.

Most notable about Beyond Barrow is the fact that series co-creator/writer Steve Niles has paired up with legendary artist Bill Sienkiewicz to create this terrifying new three-part series. Sienkiewicz, an acclaimed multimedia artist who has enjoyed a strong comic book following since the early 1980s, was a major influence on artist Ben Templesmith, who created the art for the original 30 Days of Night. For this newest launch, Sienkiewicz is doing fully-painted covers and artwork.

The first installment of the three-issue, 32-page comics will be in stores on September 19, 2007, just in time to celebrate the fifth anniversary of the original release of 30 Days of Night. The following two issues will be released in subsequent months in comic book stores; call 1-800-comic-books to find a store near you.

30 Days Of Night Beyond Barrow #1