Ever since the silent movie days of the 1920s, film comedians have gotten mixed up with monsters. The popularity of the classic movie monsters continued into the 1960s, when many of the vintage films started being shown on TV on a regular basis. Simultaneously, horror fare was still doing well at drive-in theaters and movie matinees. It’s no surprise then that Archie Comics, ever conscious of trends, made monsters a staple of Archie stories in the late 1950s through the 1960s, with a gaggle of ghouls guest-starring on both the covers and interior tales of many an Archie title.

The kooky combination of teenage humor with spooky chills proved to be such a winning formula that Archie was inspired to spin several series off in that direction, including ARCHIE’S MADHOUSE, BATS! and SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH. Throughout the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Archie teens periodically found themselves involved in mysterious tales in such titles as ARCHIE’S TV LAUGH-OUT, LIFE WITH ARCHIE and THE WORLD OF ARCHIE. The ‘90s and Millennium continued the trend with the acclaimed “House of Riverdale” epic cross-over tale that spanned several titles, and ARCHIE’S WEIRD MYSTERIES, adapted from the animated TV series of the same name. Now, just in time for Halloween, Archie offers up a cauldron of comedy and creepiness that we dare you to read with nothing but the night light on!

BETTY #168, ships 9/5. 32-page, full color comic, $2.25 US. “Drawing on Experience”: When Betty enters a teen horror story contest, she reaches into her memory bank for a terrifying tale of a foreboding mansion and eerie tiki keychain! SCRIPT: Kathleen Webb. ART: Stan Goldberg.

BETTY & VERONICA DOUBLE DIGEST #155, ships 9/26. Full color digest format, $3.69 US. “Lodge of Terror”: Mr. Lodge buys a run-down ski lodge in hopes of renovating it… but not before Veronica can hold a mega-Halloween party there! But is it possible that the spooky old building is haunted for real? The gang’s all here for a horrifically fun time – and don’t miss the special pin-up pages with all their creepy, creative costumes! SCRIPT AND ART: Dan Parent.

PALS-N-GALS DOUBLE DIGEST #115, ships 9/5. Full color digest format, $3.69 US. “Fright Sight”: It’s frightful fun when the Archies play a benefit gig for the town’s orphans… decked out in festive Halloween garb. Mr. Lodge can’t decide what’s scarier – the band’s costumes or their music! SCRIPT: George Gladir. ART: Pat Kennedy.

SABRINA THE TEENAGE WITCH #88, ships 9/12. 32-page, full color comic, $2.25 US. “A Frightful Night”: It’s Halloween once again, the one night of the year that magical beings are allowed to use their powers in public. Gathering for a party at the same “Haunted House” as last year, the mortals are amazed at all the “special effects” that are really magic! Before the night is through, Sabrina will be betrayed in a way that will affect her relationships with those she loves the most… including Harvey, Shinji, and perhaps most shocking of all, Aunt Hilda! You simply cannot miss the stunning conclusion to this tale, the ramifications of which will be felt for issues to come! SCRIPT AND ART: Tania del Rio.