Hey everyone,

Starting today, the first issue of my new comic book series, FEARLESS, is available for pre-order at comic book stores everywhere. It will hit stores November 7th.

Co-written by David Roth and illustrated by PJ Holden (2000AD), FEARLESS is about a literal man without fear. To the criminals he terrorizes and the citizens he protects, he's a bold, even reckless superhero. To those who know his secret, he's a man paralyzed by a crippling anxiety disorder, who needs an anti-fear durg to fight his war on crime. This is the story of what happens when his supply runs out.

As GROUNDED sold out its initial printing, I HIGHLY recommend pre-ordering the book if you want to guarantee yourself a copy. Call, e-mail or walk into a comic book store and ask for it. It's published by Image Comics, and is on page 142 of Diamond's PREVIEWS, the catalog retailers use to order comics. The order code is 1951. I'm also attaching the page from the catalog as a PDF. That should make it simple, but if there's any problem don't hesitate to contact me.

(Note from Charles LePage: I converted the PDF to a GIF for presentation here.)


If you are in the Los Angeles area, Meltdown Comics, located on 7522 Sunset Boulevard, has generously offered a 10% discount to anyone who pre-orders there. Just e-mail concierge@meltcomics.com.

BUT WAIT, there's more...

I've written a two-part "interactive" comic for NBC's hit show HEROES that will be available FOR FREE before it's collected as a graphic novel. Part 1 debuts September 3rd, and Part 2 Sept 7th. You can check it out at http://www.nbc.com/Heroes/novels/.

Along with FEARLESS in November, I have a short story coming out in Image Comic's POPGUN anthology. My contribution is a midget western. No really, it is.

In February, my graphic novel HAZED, a dark comedy about sororities and eating disorders, will come out from Image as well. Think Heathers or Mean Girls set in college.

Finally, in May I should have a special project from DC Comics that I'm not allowed to announce yet.

As always, I appreciate the chance to shill my work and apologize for the mass e-mail. Let's see if AOL shuts down my account again.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, and thanks for you support.