July 18, 2007, Runnemede, NJ - Dynamite Entertainment announced today that Alex Ross and Jim Krueger would be making "SUPERPOWERS" their next comic book project following their two-year smash run on DC's Justice! SUPERPOWERS was developed by Dynamite with the pair of fan-favorite creators.

The project, described by Dynamite Publisher Nick Barrucci as "being in development for the last three years," is scheduled for release at the end of 2007 and marks the return of a host of classic Golden Age heroes and villains, all under the creative and artistic direction of Ross and writer Jim Krueger.

"SUPERPOWERS will be unlike anything that Dynamite has done to date," continued Barrucci. "Not only in terms of the subject matter, but in terms of every approach we're taking with the series. After all, it's not everyday you get to work with Alex Ross. Although, I should throw in a tease that I'm living the dream of two lifetimes as this is just one of the projects we have cooking with Alex in 2007 and 2008!"

I'm excited to work with so many classic comic icons," said Ross. "Dynamite's enthusiasm matches ours, and it's great working with them.

""SUPERPOWERS, for me, is a chance to do things with characters that don't have to live by the end of the series," said Krueger. "To a degree, this project is the best of two worlds -- the characters here are vital parts and icons in the history of heroes and comics. But at the same time, they can bleed, they can die, they don't have to remain the good guys. This project, both in story and in content, is about the freedom to be and create. Oh, and I get to work with Alex again."

SUPERPOWERS will feature covers and character designs by Alex Ross, who is also co-plotting the series with Dynamite and writer Jim Krueger. The image accompanying this release is the first painted piece by Ross, and will be available through the AlexRossArt.com booth #2419 at this month's Comic-Con International in San Diego. A special preview comic of "SUPERPOWERS" will also be available at the booth.

More details on the series, including the launch and further creative details are forthcoming. The project is being teased by Dynamite with the following:

From the dawn of the 20th Century came a new chapter in mankind's history, unleashed during a time of great war and destruction.

It was the beginning of the Age of the SUPERPOWERS, yet with the closing of the Second World War, this new spark seemingly flickered and died.

Until now...

Now the story can be told of the great lost Superpowers -- men and women with incredible abilities who changed the course of mankind forever . . . and who had been thought lost . . .

Until now . . .