April 28, 2006 (San Diego, CA) – Alias Comics announces this week its upcoming July 2006 lineup, including several exciting new titles along with many returning favorites!

Kicking things off comes creator/screenwriter, Kevin Grevioux, with the debut of his newest series, THE VINDICATORS, from Astounding Studios at Alias Comics!

"THE VINDICATORS is about the most powerful group of superheroes in the world. This is a group of BLACK superheroes who exist in a parallel universe where southern world of Africa is the center of the world and not Europe of the west," explains Grevioux. "The story centers around the leader of the group, Shartati; she is one of the most powerful heroes on the planet, but her confidence is shaken when she has to deal with the pressures assuming the mantle of team leader.

"One of the reasons I created this book is because of the dearth of good black superheroes out there, and very few powerful ones. I hear African-American parents all the time talking about how there are not a lot of comics about black superhero comics their kids can read about on a regular basis. Hopefully, with the Vindicators, we can toss our hat into the ring and acknowledge an under-serviced demographic."
Alongside THE VINDICATORS in July, Grevioux will also debut his new book, ALIVS REX SPECIAL – a special 64-page book for ONLY $3.50!!!

Plus, Alias Comics is offering readers another chance at picking up some of their most-popular graphic novels and trades, such as TED NOODLEMAN: BICYCLE DELIVERY BOY, 10th MUSE: ODYSSEY, OZF5: GALE FORCE; and the much-talked about LULLABY: POWER GRABBER as Alice, Jim, Piper, Red and Pinocchio as they join forces with Milady and her three magic swords to battle against the power grabbing fox, MAKOMA!

LULLABY: POWER GRABBER is a not-to-be-missed tale of fantasy and folklore that will leave you clamoring for more!”

Joining the fun this July comes ATOMIK MIKE #4, from Across The Pond Studios creators, Stephan Nilson and Israel Cruz!

“This issue is the conclusion of Mike’s origin,” says Nilson, the series writer. “With the help of his friend, Ronnie, and his crew, Mike finally captures Captain Tariq: the man responsible for his condition! Mike also rescues the kidnapped children, and finds a clue to a way to transform back into his human form.”

All this and the following, coming to shops this July from Alias Comics:

Written by Kevin Grevioux, with artwork by Leonel Castellani, and colors by Javier Tartaglia
They are the most powerful superheroes the world has ever known. But their internal problems threaten to destroy them worse than any villain ever could. Introducing THE VINDICATORS! An upcoming miniseries from ASTOUNDING STUDIOS!
-- 32-pages, full color series -- $3.50

Written by Darren G. Davis & Scott Davis, with artwork by Mike Maydak, and special photo cover variant featuring Traci Bingham
Fresh from a tangle with Davy Jones locker, Hanna picks up the scent of the Queen Anne’s Revenge, her infamous father’s ship. But Blackbeard, ever the cunning scallywag, always seems one step ahead. After several misfires, Hanna puts into motion the plan she thinks will finally net her prey ... and maybe make her and the crew of the Vengeance rich beyond avarice... But it will put the ship and its crew into more peril than they have ever faced. Is Hanna ready to sacrifice all ... just to kill her father? This is the third installment of the 4-part epic sea adventure ... be prepared to shiver your timbers.
-- 24-pages, full color series -- $3.50

Written by Johnny Lowe, with artwork by Alex Julian, and cover art by Logan Lubera
Judo Girl knows Lincoln (aka Hep Cat) is somehow behind her recent blackouts and she storms his Malibu mansion in search of the truth. But Lincoln anticipates her coming and prepares for their final confrontation. Not only does Judo Girl discover the final fate of the assassin Silencer, she WILL bring Lincoln to justice — even if it means sacrificing her secret identity.
-- 24-pages, full color, four-part series -- $3.50

Written by Chad Rebmann, with artwork by ESDRAS, and cover art by Nadir Balan
Venus is blessed with not only beauty but power, forcing her to do super-hero work on the side. Soon, she discovers a mysterious Olympian working with the hi-tech assassin group who has marked their next target, Taylor Darcy, heir to the Darcy fortune and the most eligible bachelor in Hollywood. Now, Venus must watch over the spoiled Darcy, teaching him the mysterious ways of romance. All the while protecting him from the assassin’s bullets! A hardboiled action adventure mixed with the classic screwball comedy, you don’t want to miss Venus in her first solo book! Come discover the love as only Venus can show you!
-- 24-pages, full color one-shot -- $3.50

Written by Kevin Grevioux, with artwork by Gabriel Guzman, colors by Javier Tartaglia, and edited by Vince S. Moore
How would medieval mankind defend itself from an all out alien invasion in the 13th century? Answer: With great difficulty! Witness the beginning of the end of mankind in the pages of ALIVS REX! A limited maxi- series from DARKSTORM STUDIOS!
-- 64-pages, full color series -- ONLY $3.50!!!

Written by Stephan Nilson, with artwork Israel Cruz, inks by Mar DeGano, and colors by Barry Williams
“Now Enter Tariq” Part 3 of 3. Captain Tariq has been arrested and is in Mike’s custody, but he’s not giving up easily. The crew must hold off Tariq’s men long enough for Mike to get Professor Watterson’s notes to transform him back into a human, but what Mike discovers might be more than even he can handle. Don’t miss the exciting conclusion to Mike’s origin.
-- 24-pages, full color monthly series -- $3.50

Written by Ed Lavallee, with artwork by Grant Bond, and edited by Jon Hook
Part two of REVERE: REVOLUTION IN SILVER starts off with a BANG as the villainous General Bloodsworth and his battalion of redcoats enter the fray, firing the first shots of the war! In Boston, Revere, aided by Dr. Joseph Warren, struggle to save the life of young Rebecca Middleton. Will they be too late? In Menotomy, Reverend Hodge finds himself trapped and fighting for his life in a hand-to-hand struggle. And, concealed amidst the combatants the savage werewolf lurks, waiting to claim his next victim. What tormenting secret is Reverend Hodge hiding and what are the creatures of ill omen that have come to claim him? Find out in this, our second episode of the revolutionary tale of REVERE!
-- 24-pages, full color, four-part monthly series -- $3.50

LULLABY (VOL 2) TPB: POWER GRABBER – trade paperback
Written by Ben Avery, with artwork by Hector Sevilla, and colors by Ulises Arreola
The fellowship has gathered and is on their way to Oz at last. Almost instantly, they are sidetracked by a beautiful French swordswoman bearing the swords of the famed Three Musketeers! Is she friend or foe? Just as they are about to find out, a powerful and wily fox named Makoma starts kidnapping them one- by-one and stealing their powers... Join the Pied Piper, Alice from Wonderland, Pinocchio, Jim Hawkins and Little Red Riding Hood as they are forced into battle with 'The Great One' in this second volume of the fan-favorite series, Lullaby!
-- 104-pages, full-color trade paperback -- $14.99

LEGACY POCKET MANGA – trade paperback
Written by Sean Jordan & Carmen Treffiletti, with artwork Edu Francisco
Zelandria is a patchwork world of magical lands and technologically laden cities, where age-old myths collide with futuristic wonders, and mystical creatures dwell among ordinary men. A place where power is contingent on nobility and feudalistic hierarchies govern widespread provinces. It is here where the seeds of legend are sown and the paths of heroes are paved. It is here where a Legacy will be born.
-- 116-pages, full-color trade paperback -- $9.99

Created by Jamie Román Collado
The Spanish Fan Favorite comes to ALIAS! This is the story of detective Johnny Caronte...a story of mobsters, hitmen, and femme fatales. However, the characters in this dark tale have a peculiar trait— they are zombies that can only die by a bullet to the head, causing their bodies to revert back to human form, which they find repugnant indeed! It's like a Bogart or Cagney flick meets Night of the Living Dead. The first in a series of upcoming one-shots! This issue: Johnny Caronte. police detective, investigates the mysterious assassination of the mayor. The more he uncovers in the case, the more he finds himself enshrouded in deeper mystery.
-- 64-pages, full-color graphic novel -- $5.99

TENTH MUSE: THE ODYSSEY – graphic novel (Offered Again!)
Written by Darren G. Davis, Nick Schley & Ryan Scott Ottney, with artwork by Roger Cruz, Clint Hilinski, Ren Wong & Frank Mills, and colors by Andrew Dalhouse & Wes Dzioba. Special Cindy Margolis cover by David Moran
Four stories of mythic proportions...the Tenth Muse embarks on an Odyssey that finds her teaming up with many of the Blue Water universe characters. The Muse fights along side Isis and Judo Girl as well as Trident. Some of her most deadly foes reemerge from some of the Tenth Muse's popular issues. Randy Green's "The Dollz" also make an appearance in this graphic novel. These are all brand new stories never before seen.
-- 96-pages, full-color graphic novel -- $9.99

OZF5: GALE FORCE – graphic novel (Offered Again!)
Written by Ramon Madrigal, with artwork by Ryan Ottley and Bob Coker, and colors by Jean-Francois Beaulieu
Dorothy Gale is back in Oz, but this time she brought a water gun. Dorothy Gale teams up with a master of Wing Chun Kung Fu Scarecrow, a kilt-wearing Celtic- Warrior King of the Beasts Lion, and an axe wielding Tin Man War Machine who is composed of various automobile parts that have been dropped into Oz by whirlwinds. With the ferocity of an F5 tornado, Dorothy and crew face Rocket-powered Flying Monkeys, marauding Winkie War Machines, and the West Witch's murderous crows and wicked wolves as they attempt to free the strange land of Oz from the Witch's wicked reign.
-- 48-pages, full-color graphic novel -- $4.99

TED NOODLEMAN, BICYCLE DELIVERY BOY – graphic novel (Offered Again!)
Written by Jim Keplinger, with artwork by Ryan Ottley
“Ted Noodleman Rides Again!” The complete works of Ted Noodleman as originally published on MoviePoopShoot.com and in Digital Webbing Presents, all completely re-mastered and in full color. PLUS! Brand new Noodleman stories from many of today’s rising stars of comics, behind the scenes art and script battles, and much more!
-- 96-pages, full-color graphic novel -- $9.99

For more information on these and other great books from Alias Comics, be sure you visit your local comic shop where you can order all your favorite titles from Diamond Comics Previews catalog -- and visit Alias Comics online at http://www.alias comics.net !