America Chavez is in the upper echelon of Marvel’s young heroes. Her first appearance in Vengeance #1 is very hard to find due to its low print run with the 1:15 Deodato variant reaching ghost status. Her first solo series is starting to take off. This article will look at several different variants for America Chavez #1.

America #1 – Second Printings

America #1 had three different covers for its second printings, all of which were available for open order. The three different covers are Cover A with gold trade dress, the Hip Hop Variant, and the Sketch Variant. I’ve written about my love for the Hip Hop variant in this article. I was not able to locate the number of issues ordered by retailers but according to Comichron it looks like there were fewer than 2,500. What is important to remember is that there were three different covers for open order meaning that there are likely no more than 800 copies of each cover out there. Collecting a set of all three late printings is the play here in my opinion.

It is worth pointing out that America was not a series that was in huge demand when it came out. Retailers ordered approximately 44,000 of issue number one. Orders for issue number two dropped to approximately 23,000. Issue two and the second printings for issue one came out the same month.  I speculate that the gold trade dress variant is likely the rarest of the three because it is the least interesting. The first printings of the Hip Hop Variant and Sketch covers had order restrictions. I suspect retailers ordered more of these seconds prints as a result. Prices on these second printings are high but I think they are going to move higher.

America #1 – Action Figure Variant

John Tyler Christopher’s action figure variant covers are wildly underappreciated, particularly for Marvel’s new young heroes. This cover has been very difficult to track down for some reason. It is the cheapest of all the #1s for this book currently selling for around $15. Given that there were only 44,000 copies ordered in total for this book, I estimate the print run for this cover to be around 20% or less of the total. Action figure variant covers had been going on for about two years when this came out and collectors had started to fatigue on the concept resulting in retailers not ordering them as heavily. Like a fine wine, action figure variants seem to be getting better with age.

America #1 – Skottie Young Variant

This is another concept cover that collectors had become fatigued by when it was released. That said, Skottie Young covers are starting to see a resurgence. I think there is an investment opportunity in Young covers of Marvel’s young heroes (see what I did there). Please stay tuned for a follow-up article on this idea. America’s Young variant seems like one of the harder ones to come by. Prices are already starting to climb on this book. There are just six copies of this book listed on the GoCollect census.

If rumors are true, America Chavez will be appearing in Dr. Strange and Multiverse of Madness. This will likely elevate her status ever higher. She is going to be a cornerstone character in the comics and cinema and grabbing her first solo series is a must. There are a handful of really cool variants for this book to keep an eye open for.

Thanks for reading.