A 2023 Transformers issue made impressive gains while the debut of Weapon VIII grabbed attention on the Hottest Comics.

Classic keys may get all the glory, but there's profits in new comics. For the past 10 days, a number of modern firsts were gaining momentum on the Hottest Comics, including more than one issue published just this year. Here's more.


Besides the original 1984 premiere, it's not often that we find a Transformers issue on the Hottest Comics. Last year, Image took over publishing duties with a new Transformers series. This was part of the new Energon Universe created by superstar writer Robert Kirkman. There's a new animated Transformers movie on the way, and the trailer for Transformers One recently dropped, helping explain the sudden interest here. Whether or not the latest adaptation will take inspiration from the Energon Universe remains to be seen.


Speaking of Robert Kirkman, another of his creations made significant gains this week. As Invincible's second season came to a close, buyers pounced on the series' first issue. The Amazon show's popularity has put the character on the mainstream map, and there's been talk of a live-action movie being developed. As fans wait for season three and a possible film adaptation, this will be an increasingly better key to own.44. ULTIMATE X-MEN #1 (NEW TO THE LIST)

Ultimate Marvel has returned, and collectors have been tracking down all those #1s. Ultimate Spider-Man #1, Ultimate Black Panther #1, and now Ultimate X-Men #1 have all been climbing the sales charts. Will this be the direction Marvel Studios takes when a new team of X-Men are introduced to the MCU? If so, it will add more appeal to UXM #1.


The X-Men have dominated eBay since the premiere of X-Men '97. Across the board, those X-keys are all over the Hottest Comics rankings, and it's only getting more popular with each new episode. Now the attention has shifted to which villains could be seen next, most notably Sabretooth. He was teased earlier in season one, and the introduction of Mister Sinister could signal the arrival of the Marauders. As part of the story arc, Sinister ordered his team to exterminate the Morlocks, and that set the stage for the first published battle between Wolverine and his arch-nemesis. If that is the direction X-Men '97 is heading, get ready for an amazing showdown.


Anytime there's a new comic making rounds on the Hottest Comics, it's worth noting. Here we have another comic that was released in 2024. Ever since the Into the Spider-Verse movies wowed audiences, collectors have taken a keen interest in the alternate reality Spider-people. As with most Edge of Spider-Verse issues, there's a new Spider-variant making his debut in this comic. This time, it's a Weapon X version of Spider-Man, Weapon VIII.