After the shocking discovery in Annihilation: Conquest—Quasar #4, the prophesized savior of the universe stands revealed…but the universe still has no idea who’s truly behind the Conquest!

As Annihilation: Conquest #1 (of 6) opens, the new Quasar and the former Avenger known as Moondragon believe they’ve found a way to turn the tide in the war against the techno-organic threat of the Phalanx. But just who—or what—is the so-called liberator and will it choose to oppose an enemy who’s slaughtered all in its way? And just when you think that you’ve seen it all, the last-page shocker – brought to you by Nova writers Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning and red-hot penciler Tom Raney -- will have every Marvel fan’s jaw on the floor! The true mastermind behind Conquest is revealed…and you’ll never guess who’s been pulling the strings! Top it off with stunning covers by Aleski Briclot, and this limited series has more sci-fi thrills than you can shake a Skrull at!

“If you’ve read the Prologue and have been following Nova, Quasar, Wraith and Star-Lord, know that the action, drama and mysteries are only going to rocket even higher when Conquest #1 hits. But if you’ve been waiting for Conquest itself, everything’s been planned for your arrival,” said series editor Bill Rosemann. “Dan and Andy know that, like the cover says, this will be the first issue for many readers, so all the players and all the stakes will be clearly arranged for your discovery. If you’ve poked around online, you’ve no doubt heard the buzz about the craziness that’s been going down – now it’s your chance to see what cards the creators still have hidden up their sleeves. Robots, dragons and raccoons…oh my!”

It’s all been leading up to these pulse-pounding revelations and the battle you never expected to see! Alliances are formed, sinister plans set into motion and a final stand begins against a seemingly unstoppable foe in Annihilation: Conquest #1!

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Penciled by TOM RANEY
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—10/18/07, On-Sale—11/7/07