Surprise_Villain_Eternals_2We are about two months into this thing (the pandemic) and some cities are showing signs of a downward slope of infections. Others, not so much and many are talking turning the economy on, kind of a "full steam ahead" Captain Bligh approach. In my experience in life, it is best to follow your own instincts first and foremost. Second, I always listen to my doctor. So this speculator is going to stay hunkered down; what the heck; time to read a ton of comics! Now all this begs the question are all our comics increasing in value or taking a hit from the economic slowdown? Well, let's take a look back at the three different books I reviewed in March and get an April update. Which age of comics faired the best, Modern, Bronze or much venerated Silver Age?





"...a month ago..."

Short-Term (Month of March to date)

"Are the Modern, Bronze, and Silver Age comic books still profitable in today's turbulent economy? The state of affairs is rough, oil is getting hammered, the Dow has lost a third of its value, and a pandemic has flatlined the two largest state economies in the United States. Whew! That is a lot to take in, and a little bit on the negative side. In contrast, there are positives: a $2 trillion dollar rescue package for the American people and business, the internet is still up and running, and from our little subcultural comic speculating world comics are still selling online. People are still fascinated by this most intriguing lifestyle and hobby. What is the blowback for collectibles from the macroeconomic circumstances in our country?  Further, are the Modern, Bronze, and Silver Age books still selling for profit? Not to mention returns, are the returns rising, falling, or flatlining?"




March's Conclusion

"The comic book prices for the Silver, Bronze, and Modern Age are fluid to positive in our current macro-environs. I will continue to monitor the progress and send out updates. However, the numbers don't lie, comic books are still selling, and though we might see a hit on the upper end, the mid-grades are profitable and paying off. Amazing what can happen when you have a pure market of human buyers and sellers; then you get price stability and a solid investment market despite some horrible macro-economic trends."


The Results...





April Short-Term (YTD)

Title Grade CGC or Raw April March
Silver Age- Fantastic Four #48 6.0 CGC -0.2% +1.3%
Bronze Age-Eternals #1 6.5 CGC -36.8% +57.8%
Modern Age-Amazing Spider-Man #300 6.5 CGC +24.5% -12.5%

Fantastic Four #48

This big key, probably the biggest of the FF keys except for FF #1 and #5 has had a rough month. I notice the tendency is for the larger more expensive keys to be slightly depressed. This is the perfect time to buy. When there is a fear, you want to be buying stocks, the same is true of comics. If you can afford it now is a great time to buy this book; for example, Fantastic Four #48 in grade 8.0 very fine is down negative -16%. Now we if you are an iron-willed investor, or just a merely full of hot air.





Eternals #1

The Eternal's first appearance was flying high last month. This month; not so much, with a -36% decline in positive trend returns. This might be due to some delay with the movie opening or maybe people are just getting nervous with a book that was worthless five years ago. Do not buy more of this unless you are one of those rare folks who love danger.






Amazing Spider-Man #300

April's Conclusion

Well, folks, the winner is Venom! The Modern Age held up well during this tumultuous time period. Amazing Spider-Man #300 last month has seen a month over month increase of +37%. The trending return is a solid positive +24.5%. Further, and this is the "coup de grace" to the other two ages, it has almost solid green in every grade category. If you have been reading my articles you know I consider broad-based positive trends up and down the grades a hugely positive trend and a solid indicator of future positive returns. This book defy's gravity each and every time. There are simply too many fans of Venom to not percolate this book upwards. Sometime in the distant future people will pile out of these like the world is ending, but for now, Amazing Spider-Man #300 is King of the Modern Age. Pandemic paralysis has delayed positive trends in the other two ages. However, the Modern Age, like its name implies is the future.