Toronto, 2007: Nicola Defina (President) and Philip Defina (Art Director) of Septagon Studios, Inc. are pleased to announce that Baker and Taylor, Inc. have agreed to carry their debut comic book, entitled SCORN.

"We are honored that Baker and Taylor has recognized our 21st-century comic book company and is prepared to join with us in this tremendous opportunity. We know how careful Baker and Taylor are in selecting their products for distribution," stated Septagon's President Nick Defina. "We are looking forward to a lengthy relationship with the company."

Published by Septagon Studios Inc., Scorn is a full-color, bi-monthly comic book miniseries. Scorn is a dark tale of revenge that uses actual Chicago locations as its backdrop. Kevin Moyers also uses actual events to set the story in motion. The gritty and unique artwork from Philipp Neundorf brings this emotional tale to life. The book revolves around 19-year-old Michael Riggs, who witnesses the murder of his best friend at the hand of notorious gang leader Robert Torres. Michael becomes obsessed, and nothing can stop him on his vicious and bloody rampage of vigilante justice.

Baker and Taylor will begin soliciting Septagon Studios' debut title Scorn #1 and Scorn #2 in their September and October 2007 catalogue of products, enabling those retailers who prefer to deal directly with the distribution company the opportunity to purchase the series from the beginning. Forthcoming press releases will provide any further details as they develop.

Image from Amazon
Scorn #1 Obsessed
by Kevin Moyers, Preston Park Cooper, Philipp S. Neundorf

Image from Amazon
Scorn #2 Rage
by Kevin Moyers, Preston Park Cooper, Philipp S. Neundorf

Please refer to the Baker and Taylor website (Waiting for reference code and website link.) when making your orders.

SCORN 1: OBSESSED AND SCORN 2: RAGE is now available for pre-order in a number of ways:
--Scorn 1 and 2 can be ordered (or, as of August 16, 2007, pre-ordered in the case of issue 2) directly from the Septagon Studios Web site.
--Retailers can also e-mail for bulk, discounted orders and retailer incentives
--Scorn is also available through Amazon:
--When ordering from Baker & Taylor, customers should use either the ISBN or title. The ISBN numbers for the books are:

Scorn #1
ISBN-10: 097396670X
ISBN-13: 978-0973966701

Scorn #2
ISBN-13: 978-0973966718
ISBN-10: 0973966718

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