BELLINGHAM, WASH. (July 23, 2007) - Bluewater Productions announced this week their latest titles, RAY HARRYHAUSEN PRESENTS: 20 MILLION MILES MORE #1 and VSS: NEMESIS RISING #2, have completely sold out.

The consistently sold-out titles at BWP began in June with their first release; the debut title in the publisher's RAY HARRYHAUSEN PRESENTS series - WRATH OF THE TITANS #1. The publisher said it still plans to issue a second printing of the book, with an all-new sketch cover by artist Nadir Balan. It was also said that the debut issue of VSS: NEMESIS RISING had sold out as well, but unlike WRATH OF THE TITANS, the publisher said VSS had no plans for a second printing.

This month, BWP said their popular RAY HARRYHAUSEN PRESENTS line continue selling strong, along with the latest issue of VSS: NEMESIS RISING!

"Our books have sold out almost every month, despite many shop still under-ordering the books. Many readers have contacted us still trying to find our books," said BWP Managing Editor Darren G. Davis. "It just goes to show that you don't have to be mainstream to reach the market. Readers just want great stories with great art, and if you can deliver that to them, they'll come back for more every month."

The newest title in the Harryhausen line, RAY HARRYHAUSEN PRESENTS: 20 MILLION MILES MORE #1, was written by Scott Davis, with art by Alex Garcia and covers by Nadir Balan and Randy Queen. In the story, it's been 50 years since the strange being from Venus rampaged through Italy. Once the world was convinced that the Ymir was a giant hoax and the mission to Venus never happened, it was lulled back to sleep, ignorant of the truth. But years of secret testing have created unintended consequences that could bring the Earth to its knees ... and only an 11-year-old child can save it.

A second printing of 20 MILLION MILES MORE #1 will be released, with a special sketch cover by Nadir Balan.

The second sold-out title this month, VSS NEMESIS RISING #2, with story by Terrence Greip and art by Nadir Balan, follows VSS's newest member, Scarlet, as she takes on her first mission - to guard Great Britain's least-favorite royal, the prodigal Prince Garson, from a terrorist attack. Meanwhile the rest of the team still doesn't trust their new American teammate.

There are currently no plans to go back for a second printing for VSS: NEMESIS RISING #2. Fans are encouraged to watch their shops and pre-order their favorite BWP books before it's too late!

For more information on Bluewater Productions, visit them online at their all-new, recently redesigned Web site (, or check them out in your local comic book shop!