Broccoli Books Licenses Coyote Ragtime Show, Hakoiri Devil Princess and Murder Princess

Los Angeles, CA (December 8, 2006) – Broccoli Books has announced the acquisition of three manga titles, Coyote Ragtime Show, Hakoiri Devil Princess (Japanese title), and Murder Princess.

Coyote Ragtime Show is the manga adaptation of the TV anime series created by ufotable. Franka, the orphan daughter of Pirate King Bruce, has seven days to find her father's hidden treasure before planet Graceland is destroyed. Lead by space pirate Mister, Franka and a rag-tag band of coyotes are on a treasure hunt against Madame Marciano and the 12 SISTERs.

Coyote Ragtime Show manga series is illustrated by Tartan Check and is serialized in Comic Rush magazine published by JIVE Ltd. Two volumes have been released so far in Japan. Coyote Ragtime Show is slated to be released in Summer 2007 in North America.

Hakoiri Devil Princess is a romantic comedy about a princess from the demon world named Maki, and Keita who summoned her from a mysterious box. Keita is granted three wishes in exchange for his soul. But she can only take his soul after he makes his third wish. So, as a sheltered demon with little knowledge of how to be evil, Maki must rely on her trusty guidebook to teach herself the ways of the nefarious arts and trick Keita into using up his wishes. Until then, Maki’s going to live with Keita until he can't stand living anymore.

Hakoiri Devil Princess is illustrated by Maika Netsu with story by Makoto Matsumoto. Serialized in Comic Rush magazine published by JIVE Ltd., currently four volumes of Haoiri Devil Princess has been released in Japan. Hakoiri Devil Princess is slated to be released in Summer 2007 in North America.

Murder Princess is about Princess Alita, who must protect her kingdom from a coup d'etat. But on her way to get help, a magical mishap trapped her inside the body of a bounty hunter named Falis. Now Alita must rule disguised as a servant as the battle-savvy Falis sits on the throne in her body. And thus the story about the strongest and most violent princess in the history of the kingdom begins.

Murder Princess is illustrated and written by Sekihiko Inui, the manga artist of Comic Party. Serialized in quarterly magazine Dengeki Teiou, the second volume of Murder Princess will be released in Japan in early 2007. Murder Princess OVA anime series will be available in March 2007 in Japan. Murder Princess is slated to be released in April 2007 in North America.