ComicList Critiques by Charles LePage

Caffeine Dreams #3
DWAP Productions

Any anthology featuring three different stories by three different teams of creators is going to be hit and miss, and this is no exception. Of the three stories, only one features artwork that rises above the quality of someone's sketchbook, and the best writing isn't coupled with said artwork.

SHOOTING DOGS features the best story. It's bloody and violent, but I'm a sucker for tales that extol the virtues of dogs. And the time frame it takes place in is one where people really did settle disputes with a shot gun, so I can't fault the violent plot. I wish the artist on the second chapter could have worked on this one, though.

THE AXE seemed to be about a man dreaming he was trapped in a video game. The end seems to indicate otherwise, however. It has the best art in the comic, and maintains the very good plotting/scripting found in the first chapter.

MY FAVORITE WEAPON didn't appeal to me at all. Vampires, foul language, a werewolf, bleh. The last page does say the artist enjoys dipping cats in paint, so perhaps I need to investigate his other work. Cats in paint is a winner in my book.

Caffeine Dreams seems to me to be something better presented as an online comic book, maybe produced in pdf format.

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