Checker Brings Back America’s first Comic Strip R.F. Outcault’s Yellow Kid (with Pore Lil Mose) In Fall

The Comic strip that started it all; America’s first comic strip laid the groundwork for an art form. This precocious kid from the barrios of New York City took the country by storm in the late 1800’s and coined the term “yellow journalism”. Collected here is the entire run along with dozens of never before collected images by Outcault. Also included is the extraordinarily rare strip “Pore Lil Mose”, also by Outcault.

R F Outcaults Yellow Kid HC

R.F. Outcault’s Yellow Kid (with Pore Lil Mose) by R.F Outcault

$49.95, ISBN-10 1-933160-69-1 ISBN-13 978-1-933160-69-6 300 pages, full color and HC, Humor, Fall 2007