NEW YORK, NY—August 14th, 2007—Virgin Comics and announced today that noted comic book author Christina Z is writing Shadow Hunter, the new Virgin Comics series created by world-famous adult entertainment icon Jenna Jameson. Christina Z is the first woman to be named a “Top 10 Writer” by Wizard Magazine, and best known for her work on the superheroine series Witchblade.

“Forget what you think a superhero should be,” said Z. “This enticing and wicked hero hurts, and sometimes likes to hurt. She is strong but sometimes she allows herself to give in. Clawing, eviscerating, wielding sacred weapons, of the flesh and of the mind, this character is about the creature we sometimes dream of having or being, but are too rational to go there. Come with me, let’s go there together.”

“Christina is awesome,” said Jenna Jameson. “Collaborating with her is a pleasure—and believe me, I know pleasure. We watch the same scary movies, adore the same characters, and we had a great time together at Comic-Con.”

“As a long time admirer of Christina’s work, we are thrilled to be working with her. She’s the perfect fit for this unconventional project that will certainly challenge the female superhero genre,” said Virgin Comics CEO Sharad Devarajan.

"Since the moment we announced our collaboration with Jenna Jameson, we've received all sorts of feedback. The industry is wondering how we plan to take Jenna, one of the world’s most provocative icons and personalities, and craft something more than the ultimate T&A comic,” said Gotham Chopra, Chief Creative Officer of Virgin. “Enter Christina Z, who guarantees that Shadow Hunter will be a must read by anyone who calls themselves a fan of comics. We couldn't be more excited about having Christina onboard."

“I’m excited to be creating and revolutionizing a heroine for Virgin Comics who is, first and foremost, a real human being like all of us, but has the power of one of the most fascinating mythologies," said Z.

The new series will tell the tale of a woman who survives a brush with death, and returns to life only to find herself fighting the legions of hell on earth. Although Shadow Hunter will be provocative, the book will contain no nudity and is intended for mainstream audiences.

A special 25¢ preview of Shadow Hunter goes on sale in December at Virgin Megastores and comic shops everywhere. The first issue in the series begins in January 2008 and a 144 page Shadow Hunter graphic novel is slated for Summer 2008.

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