MAMARONECK, NY – September 10, 2007

Civil Chore Strike Update

As the "Civil Chore" expands through Riverdale, Riverdale High student Chuck Clayton comments "It's like all of Riverdale has been divided by this Crisis!"

From most recognizable kids in the Riverdale High student body to the lesser know students everyone is choosing sides. Look at this aerial photo of the streets of Riverdale taken directly from page two of Tales From Riverdale Digest #24 and you will see virtually every teen in Riverdale. Can you identity all of them?


Archie Comics has sent Ace Reporter Fernando Ruiz to the scene to sort out which students are involved. This report is not in the comic itself! For his exciting internet exclusive report look below as Fernando identifies the students on strike.

Civil Chore Who’s Who

1. Veronica’s cousin, Marcy
2. Raj Patel
3. Jason Blossom
4. Chuck Clayton
5. Cheryl Blossom
6. Bingo’s Drummer, Buddy
7. Fernando Ruiz’s Fiancé, Carrie
8. Josie McCoy
9. Tough Teddy Tough
10. Archie Andrews
11. Betty Cooper
12. Veronica Lodge
13. Dilton Doiley
14. Alison Adams
15. Frankie Valdez
16. Bingo Wilkin
17. Midge Klump
18. Reggie Mantle
19. Samantha Smythe
20. Fernando Ruiz
21. Maria Rodriguez
22. Nancy Woods
23. Debbie
24. January McAndrews
25. Trula Twist
26. Wendy “Double W” Weatherbee
27. Hot Dog
28. Big Moose Mason
29. Sabrina the Teenage Witch
30. Ethel Muggs
31. Jughead
32. Joanie Jummp

Now is the time to join the kids in Riverdale and choose your side too! Are you with Archie or are you with Jughead? In support of the monuments split between best friends Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones the two rival camps have opened up the Official "CIVIL CHORE" store. To show your support for Archie, you can purchase your own "I'm with... Archie" products at If you are a Jughead supporter, you can purchase your own "I'm with... Jughead" products at

The exciting conclusion comes to you next month in...


"Civil Chores Part Three”: Yes, you read that right – Part Three! Originally conceived as a two-issue tale, the ramifications grew so epic that a third part was inevitable! The last two issues have turned Riverdale upside down, with half the town’s kids on strike for a better allowance, and the other half opposing them! Of course, the “nays” all have ulterior motives of their own. Now the mysterious figure who claimed they could stop the fighting will be revealed… but will Archie and Jughead’s friendship be forever affected? It’s another issue chock-full of guest-stars from Archie Comics’ past and present, and you can’t afford to miss it! SCRIPT AND ART: Fernando Ruiz.

PLUS: Other new and classic tales! SCRIPT AND ART: Various talents. BONUS: Puzzles, games and pin-ups!
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