A new voice has joined the IDW Publishing family, that of Clifford Meth.

Widely recognized as an author best known for his "dark fiction," Meth has been involved with the entertainment business since the early '80s when he began writing for the LA Times Entertainment Newswire. In 1994, he launched his fiction career with the controversial story "I, Gezheh" published by Aardwolf Publishing, which Meth co-founded that same year. Since then, Meth has gone on to pen numerous short stories more than fifty of which have been published earning him the praise of writers from Harlan Ellison to Kurt Vonnegut. He has also served as editor on numerous titles most recently, Balm in Gilead (Mahrwood Press).

One of Meth's standout achievements was his role in negotiating an unprecedented royalty settlement with Marvel Entertainment on behalf of Dave Cockrum for his work creating characters for X-Men. The settlement came at a crucial time for Cockrum who was ailing in a Bronx V.A. hospital, sorely in need of financial assistance. Meth, along with Neal Adams, considered the outcome of their efforts a victory not only for Cockrum, but also for all creators.

Most recently working with IDT Entertainment as VP of Creative Development, Meth will now serve as the Executive VP of Strategies/Editorial at IDW, where he will put his vast network of entertainment industry relationships to work in order to create new opportunities for the burgeoning publisher.

"I'm thrilled that Cliff has joined the IDW family," said Ted Adams, President of IDW. "He's a terrific writer and has a huge Rolodex that includes many of the greats from the worlds of comics and science fiction. He's already got some great projects in the works that I can't wait to announce."