Hello Comic Fans!

The comic world is wild with anticipation as the developers work hard to finish up the first release of Comic Collector Live! At least they appear to be working hard. They are all staring at their monitor's taking about the "Smash Your Wee" and "Smash Your PS III" video! But other than that, they are working!

Ever wanted to keep track of variant issues? Ever wanted to know what titles and issues span a comic event like Civil War or Infinite Crisis? How about the ability to buy or sell with just a click of a button. You don't want to type all that information into some clunky auction site that is designed for selling electronics. We'll you will soon be in the know, because Comic Collector Live does it ALL! Except, get you a date, it won't get you a date - sorry.

Within just a few short weeks we will be releasing our brand new Comic Collector Live software and you are going to be the first to download it! We are giving the software away for FREE! Everyone who is pre-registered will be notified first about this cool new program! Catalog, sort, group, appraise, create a wish list, check out cover pics, It's all FREE and it is just what collectors (novice and pro) have been asking for! Very, very cool stuff!

We would love to hear from you. How did you hear about us? What would you like the software to do for you? What features are you anticipating the most? We would love to receive an email from you! Let us know your thoughts!

The Comic Collector Live Team
(except for Alan… he is not a team player)!