ComicList: Dynamite Entertainment for 10/22/2008 (this is what we believe will be available on this date; come back Monday night for the final and complete list)

Army Of Darkness #14 (Fabiano Neves Cover), $3.50
Army Of Darkness #14 (Stjepan Sejic Cover), $3.50
Battlestar Galactica Origins #11 (Jonathan Lau Cover), $3.50
Battlestar Galactica Origins #11 (Photo Cover), $3.50
Brothers In Arms #4 (Davide Fabbri Cover), $3.50
Brothers In Arms #4 (Stjepan Sejic Cover), $3.50
Xena Vs Army Of Darkness What Again #1 (Xena Sword Cover), $3.50
Xena Vs Army Of Darkness What Again #1 (Zombie Raid Cover), $3.50

Brothers In Arms #4

Army Of Darkness #14

Battlestar Galactica Origins #11

Xena vs. Army Of Darkness What Again #1

ComicList: Dynamite Entertainment for Wednesday, October 22, 2008, by Charles LePage.

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