Our friends at MangaCast write The latest Comics List is out and there is one book you have to buy this week - Manga ~the Complete Guide~. Pick this up at the comic shop and immediately use it to find out what series you are missing out on. Personally I would recommend using it every time you go manga shopping. Just wrap it in a book cover and you should be set.

***Yotsuba Manga Vol 5 TPB, $9.99*** OMG, I Wanna Read This Pick of the Week
Once Upon a Glashma GN, $10.95

Image from Amazon
Yotsuba&!, Volume 5
by Kiyohiko Azuma

Witchblade Takeru Vol 2 GN, $9.99

Appleseed Hypernotes TPB, $14.95
Blade of the Immortal #130, $2.99
Oh My Goddess Vol 27 Rtl TPB, $10.95

***Variante Vol 1, $12.99*** Hands Down Creepy Pick of the Week
Canon Vol 3, $9.99
Cipher Vol 9, $9.99
Presents Vol 1, $12.99

Vampire Kisses Vol 1 Blood Relatives GN (of 3) $7.99

A G Super Erotic Anthology #67 (adult), $4.99
A G Super Erotic Anthology Mega Bundle #6 (adult), $18.00

***Manga Complete Guide, $18.95*** The Manga Enthusiast's Best Friend Pick of the Week

Image from Amazon
Manga: The Complete Guide
by Jason Thompson

Hobby Japan Oct 2007, $12.99
Megami Sept 2007, $14.99
Newtype Sept 2007, $10.99

***Aqua Vol 1 GN (of 2), $9.99*** Jack's Perfect 10 Pick of the Week
***King of Thorn Vol 2 GN (of 6), $9.99*** Cryogenically Frozen for Your Pleasure Pick of the Week
***Missile Happy Vol 1 GN (of 5), $9.99*** Pea's Guilty Pleasure Pick of the Week
Baku GN, $9.99
Elemental Gelade Vol 5 GN (of 11), $9.99
Fruits Basket Ultimate Ed Vol 1 GN (of 4), $14.99
Fruits Basket Vol 1-4 Boxed Set, $29.99
Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Box Set GN, $14.99
Magic Moon Vol 2 Novel (of 3), $10.99
Princess AI Ultimate Ed GN, $19.99
Rozen Maiden Vol 6 GN (of 7), $9.99
Rure Vol 1 GN (of 6), $9.99
Shinshoku Kiss Vol 1 GN (of 2), $9.99
Vampire Doll Guilt Na Zan Vol 4 GN (of 4), $9.99
Welcome to the NHK Novel, $7.99
Yonen Buzz Vol 3 GN (of 3), $9.99

Street Fighter II Manga Vol 1 GN, $12.95

***Fall in Love Like a Comic Vol 1 TPB, $8.99*** Too Cheezy to Pass Up Pick of the Week
Art of Naruto Uzumaki, $19.99
Boys Over Flowers Vol 26 TPB, $9.99
Cat Returns Picture Book, $14.99
Cheeky Angel Vol 19 GN, $9.99
Claymore Vol 10 TPB, $7.99
Gyo Vol 1 (2nd Edition) GN, $9.99
Law of Ueki Vol 8 TPB, $9.99
Naruto Vol 19 TPB, $7.95
Naruto Vol 20 TPB, $7.95
Naruto Vol 21 TPB, $7.95
O Parts Hunter Vol 6 TPB, $9.99
Picture Letters From Commander in Chief, $12.99
Portus TPB, $9.99
Red River Vol 19 GN, $9.99
Vampire Knight Vol 3 TPB, $8.99
Yu Gi Oh Duelist Vol 23 TPB, $7.95
Yu Gi Oh Millennium World Vol 6 TPB, $7.95
Yu Yu Hakusho Vol 13 TPB, $7.95
Zatch Bell Vol 15 GN, $9.99

Image from Amazon
Fall In Love Like a Comic Vol. 1
by Nancy Thistlethwaite, Chitose Yagami

Black God Vol 1 TPB, $10.99
Spiral Vol 1 Bonds of Reasoning TPB, $10.99
Zombie Loan Vol 1 TPB, $10.99

Cain Vol 1 GN (of 3), $12.95

ComicList: Manga for Wednesday, October 10, 2007, by Charles LePage.

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