Soundgarden might not be the first act you think of in Grunge music. Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and others might've grabbed more headlines, but not for me. Perhaps it's being a fan of a particularly distinctive lead singer (this holds true for my Linkin Park fandom). Maybe it's supporting acts that have a slight metal tinge to their grunginess. Regardless, I worked on cultivating my Soundgarden knowledge slowly over the years. Here are my tips If you are looking to start or add to your Soundgarden poster collection.

What kind of poster do you want?

It's important to remember how original you want a poster to be. If you are looking to add to your sweet collection without thought of resale, then you'll find all kinds of options. For example, the Soundgarden and Pearl Jam poster above ranges from a few bucks on eBay to closer to $15 if you want a glossy version. Another key reminder is checking where the poster is shipping from. In this same case, the poster is arriving from China. Since I'm in the United States, there might be cheaper domestic options. That of course changes with the rarity of a particular poster.

For example, there are original posters from when a tour was underway. The older the tour, the harderSoundgarden it likely is to find. Cultivating my poster garden starts out unexpectedly yet again. For starters, I was not looking for a poster where Soundgarden aren't the headliners. Red Kross in 1987 toured regionally around Seattle, Portland, and the Vancouver, BC areas. This is around the same time Soundgarden signed to soon-to-be monumental music label Sub Pop and had some music out.

The biggest reason why I think this poster is going for $399.99 (or best offer of course) is actually a very small detail. Right above the band names is where you'll find the sponsor of this particular Central Tavern stop in Seattle: KCMU. The radio station had staff that was a part of Sub Pop, which led to Soundgarden inking their first record deal. History can be full of little coincidences, and that's partially why this original will cost you should you seek it.


Signed posters

Signed posters are also a pricier route, but are usually worth it. While it might cost more than you might like (expect in the hundreds to start), it will usually keep if not increase in value. With Chris Cornell no longer being with us, this is almost guaranteed; anytime an original member has passed on, it makes the limited amount of signed merchandise increase in demand.


In addition to discovering signed posters, finding memorabilia from the group's height of popularity also adds value. Soundgarden had an extensive career. With Superunknown becoming the group's breakthrough album in 1994, it's safe to say this poster represents that popularity spike. With this show also taking place in Mercer Arena in Seattle, a homecoming of sorts adds to said desirability.

That desirability is going to cost you about $169.95 or so, depending on the site. A signed autograph that's numbered and from a popular era adds up. Of course there are prints available that are much more affordable. It all depends on how badly you want something exclusive.


Learning the snapshot in history your desired poster comes from could determine what kinds of posters you buy. Again, it's important to do your research and compare what's out there. Luckily for fans of Soundgarden, there's a lot to choose from.


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