Karen Page. Elektra. All the women Matt Murdock has loved have been violently taken from him, victims of unspeakable tragedies and in Daredevil #98, his wife Milla Donovan may be next! The Gladiator has returned, more enraged and brutal than ever, with one purpose in mind: making Matt Murdock suffer! With the defender of Hell’s Kitchen in police custody and the Gladiator alone with a terrified Milla, things aren’t looking good for the wife of Daredevil…and history isn’t on her side either. The penultimate chapter of “To The Devil, His Due” will have huge ramifications for Daredevil as he races towards the milestone Daredevil #100.

The Eisner-nominated team of Ed Brubaker, Michael Lark and Stefano Gaudiano continue to earn acclaim for their run on Daredevil. “Brubaker, Lark and Gaudiano tell a gripping tale that moves at a frenetic pace,” said Richard Renteria of Newsarama.Com, who also praised the series as one “that never slows down the story and makes the reader feel as if they are in for the ride of their lives.”

David Wallace of SilverBulletComicBooks.Com praised Daredevil for being “deftly-constructed, coupling suspense and mystery elements with an emphasis on character which ties the dense plots to a solid emotional base, as well as allowing for enough superhero fight scenes to satisfy action junkies” and further said the series is “one of the most reliably satisfying monthly superhero comics being published today.”

With his wife’s life in peril and seemingly no way to reach her, Daredevil may be headed for the worst day in life. One thing’s for sure—by the end of this issue, no one’s going to be the same!

DAREDEVIL #98 (APR072295)
Written by ED BRUBAKER
Penciled by MICHAEL LARK
Rated T+ …$2.99
FOC—6/07/07, On-Sale—6/27/07