Diary of Indignities gets a dignified release from M Press

All those years of being told not to read other people’s diaries have come to an end.

Patrick Hughes, who helms the extremely popular blog Bad News Hughes (average of 10,000 hits per week), has collected his hilarious accounts of life’s daily disappointments in the brand new book from M Press, Diary of Indignities. The book, to be released March 2007, takes Hughes from punk-rock teenage heartache in the ‘80s to photo essays detailing drunken family antics at Christmas (where Jell-O shots are a tradition), and features just the right amount of candor, wit, and perversity to make these vignettes really pack a punch.

Diary of Indignities

Diary of Indignities first foisted itself on an unsuspecting public on the popular blog Bad News Hughes, where thousands of readers are disgusted, amused, and just plain baffled by these vivid, seriocomic stories of soul-melting shame. Patrick Hughes doesn’t understand exactly where, or when, things went wrong in what should have been a “normal life,” but he’s more than happy—make that driven—to share his personal calamities with readers. Inexplicably, he has an uncanny talent for personal failure, with more than the average share of embarrassment, carefree violence, booze, bodily injury, hypochondria, inappropriate nudity, painful rashes, neuroses, colonoscopy procedures, and unpleasant smells—all totally true. In Diary of Indignities, complete with humiliating full-color photo essays, the author guides readers past good taste, sense, and even logic into that magical, mayhem-ridden world known as his life.

“When considering the impending release of Diary of Indignities, I’m enormously excited and pleased, as well as completely fixated on the potential for so many things to go so very, very wrong,” said Hughes. “It is my sincere hope that M Press will remain in business, at least for a little while, despite the inevitable public outcry and legal troubles.”

Patrick Hughes’s articles on culture have appeared in Thrasher, Art Papers, JAZZIZ, and other publications.

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Diary of Indignities
by Patrick Hughes

Diary of Indignities (ISBN-10: 1-59582-103-1) will arrive on sale March 27, 2007 and retail for $14.95.

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