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This month we're featuring Stan Sakai's, Usagi Yojimbo. The close of sixteenth century Japan is regarded as the Age of Civil Wars, as feudal lords fought amongst themselves for land and power. When one leader finally rose above the others and was proclaimed Shogun, a peace came upon Japan and the samurai warriors found themselves suddenly unemployed. Many of these ronin turned to banditry to survive, others found work with minor lords. And a small number traveled the musha shugyo--the warrior pilgrimage--to hone their spiritual and martial skills. Such is the tale of Usagi Yojimbo.

This is a special time for us, as it marks the one hundredth issue of Usagi at Dark Horse Comics, and in honor of this special occasion we've brought together Stan Sakai's biggest admirers who also happen to be some of the hottest names in comics to help us celebrate! Structured as a good-natured celebrity-style roast of both Usagi and Stan, Usagi 100 kicks off with an opening by Dark Horse publisher Mike Richardson and artist Rick Geary before launching into unforgettable contributions from Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, Sergio Aragonés, and more.

From everyone at Dark Horse, congratulations to Stan on one hundred issues of Usagi!!!!

Usagi Yojimbo #100

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* Monarch Of The Moon is available now on DVD. From Dark Horse Indie comes this outrageous, special effects-loaded spoof of '40s and '50s serial films that will keep you laughing through every eye-popping minute! Click here to check out a clip of the movie.

* Make sure to check out our Usagi zone, and enter our Usagi Contest. Plus, check out the step by step process of the creation of the cover for Usagi Yojimbo Vol. 21.

* After many successful years in the world of animation, Will Vinton dives into the two-dimensional comics world with Jack Hightower. Check out the Jack Hightower Maquette and official Jack Hightower website. Plus, Will Vinton will be signing at TFAW Universal Studio Walk, Saturday, February 10th, from 2-5pm to support his recently launched graphic novel. Hope to see you down there!

* Are you down with Hellboy? The Hellboy Animated: Sword of Storms dvd is in stores now and includes a limited edition Hellboy Animated comic. Plus, here's your chance to see the trailer for the upcoming Hellboy Animated film, Blood & Iron.

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Classic DC Heroes Statuettes are almost here. This new series, which will be available starting in April, promises to be one of the most exciting collectibles of the year.

"This project is a dream come true for me," said Dark Horse president Mike Richardson, "and I want to thank my friend Paul Levitz at DC Comics for making it possible. We have collaborated on many publishing projects, but this is our first merchandise cross-over."

The "syroco"-style statuettes, informed and inspired by the funky collectible pieces of the 1930s and 1940s, have become a big part of Dark Horse's merchandise line. Strictly limited, the statuettes are deliberately rough-hewn and somewhat distressed. Dark Horse has created over seventy different models, covering characters as diverse as Popeye, The Lone Ranger, Kellogg's cereal mascots, Hellboy and the current series of Charles Schulz's Peanuts characters.

"The DC characters are some of the best of all time," noted project head David Scroggy, "and to do interpretations of the original-style Superman, Batman, and the rest really enhances the program. Working with the sculptors at Yoe! Studio and DC Direct's Georg Brewer and Jim Fletcher has given us some unique versions of these familiar icons."

Described by Craig Yoe as "primitive but charming," the statuettes are limited to only 2,000 numbered pieces per character. Superman arrives in April, with the others following monthly.

"We aren't through with the 'syroco'-style program," Scroggy hinted, "and collectors are advised to watch this space for a major new announcement very soon. Mr. Richardson intends to keep going with these little guys until we run out of subjects, so we ought to be at it for a while."

Comic Feedbag

You want Usagi? We've got Usagi. Check out Usagi Yojimbo #100, sure to become an instant Dark Horse classic!

* Conan and the Midnight God #2
* The Secret #1
* Blade of the Immortal #122

Book Barn

As hero and villain, they're mortal enemies, but as room-mates, they REALLY hate each other. Join comicdom's ultimate odd couple as they fight to keep their secrets secret and learn to live together in peace in ArchEnemies Vol. 1.

* Old Boy Vol. 4
* Penny Arcade Volume 3
* Blessed Thistle

Product Parade

ReelArt Studios and Dark Horse Comics are proud to present Frazetta's Snow Giants Statue, the first of a four-statue collection inspired by the original artwork of one of the world's most beloved fantasy illustrators, Frank Frazetta.

* Hellboy Animated Stationery & Journal
* Mary Jane Vinyl Figure
* Bernard of Hollywood: "Got A Light?" Statue