BERKELEY, CA (October 2nd, 2007) - Frank Frazetta's return to comics with DEATH DEALER has been revered by fans old and new alike as evidenced by multiple sell-outs, including the recent issue four which is returning in a special gold-foil edition.

"Taking on DEATH DEALER was initially nerve wracking," series writer Joshua Ortega said. "But the reception the fans have given the series really drives the entire creative team. We always think we're overestimating on the initial print run, but we're consistently overwhelmed. Our thought is to reward fans by offering these top of the line, gold and silver foil editions as a big thank you."

Since the first painting's debut in 1973 fantasy and fine art fans alike have been intrigued to know more and its taken multiple forms such as novels, statues and subsequent paintings by Frazetta. Demand for a comic true to the quality of the paintings has been long in demand, but its only recently that Ortega and series artists Nat Jones and Jay Fotos have delivered.

Image Comics Publisher Erik Larsen said, "We're extremely happy readers and retailers alike seem to be enjoying this series and appreciate the specialty reprints. This has us ecstatic for next year's expansion of the Frazetta line even more than before!"

DEATH DEALER #4 2nd Printing (FEB071876), a 32-page full-color comic with a gold-foil logo, will be available in stores October 10th. For further information, contests and updates on all Frazetta Comics please visit the Frazetta Comics forum at

Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #5

Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #6

Frank Frazettas Death Dealer #4 (Cover B)