SEATTLE, WA—AUGUST 30, 2007— The second volume of Donna Barr's The Desert Peach Collection, Volume 2 is available again at Lulu, the recognized provider of print-on-demand books.

The Desert Peach Collection, Volume 2 continues A Fine Line Press's tradition of making classic issues of this beloved series readily available to its readers -- and to new readers.

Kate Culkin's Publishers Weekly review of Barr's book, AFTERDEAD, applies to the collection as well: “Barr continues to explore themes such as the influence of the military on society, the complexities of love and sexuality and the gray areas of morality and human responsibility.... the current political climate, in which issues of war and civil liberties are of central importance...give her rich material with which to work.”

The review in its entirety is posted at: Publishers Weekly

The Desert Peach Collection, Volume 2 can be purchased directly from along with a number of Barr's other books. Lulu books are printed on acid-free paper, and can be shipped anywhere in the world. Wholesalers and retailers as well as individual readers can obtain these books from A Fine Line Press.

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Donna Barr has been bringing out entertaining and profound stories in the drawn book* medium since 1986. Her work has helped bring recognition to drawn books as art and literature, and has been a major force in contributing to the growing respect accorded women authors of what had been a bastion of male publishing. Her collected works have contributed to a major addition to the San Diego State University Library's Special Collections. Her books are available from Barnes and Noble, Baker and Taylor, and Many direct sales links to her books and related sites can be found to

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