October XX, 2007, Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT today released images and information announcing Jungle Girl #4, the penultimate chapter of Dynamite's first series of Jungle Girl adventures! Co-Plotted and overseen by Frank Cho, scripted by Doug Murray and crafted by artist Adriano Batista and Frank Martin, Jungle Girl has become the Dynamite series of 2007!

Jungle Girl fans should also keep an eye out for the early November release of Jungle Girl #3. Each issue of Jungle Girl unveils another mystery of the pre-historic island, the castaways and, of course, Jana the Jungle Girl! After the shocking cliffhanger finale of the second issue, Jungle Girl #3 may be the must-have issue of the series!

Jungle Girl #4 is scheduled for a December release and will be available with covers by Frank Cho and interior artist Adriano Batista. Additionally, fans should ask their retailer about the Jungle Girl #4 - Foil Cover featuring art by Frank Cho.

In issue #4 (of 5), the first Jungle Girl series nears its a smashing conclusion with a closing that is going to be talked about for years to come! More secrets of the island and the cast-aways are revealed as all counts down toward the end, or is it? Each and every beautiful page is provided by series artist Adriano Batista (along with the beautiful colors of Frank Martin)! This leads in to the ongoing series launching in '08!


JUNGLE GIRL #4 (OF 5) (OCT073393) Writer: Frank Cho (Plot, Art Direction), Doug Murray (Script); Covers: Frank Cho (75%) and Adriano Batista (25%);
Penciller: Adriano Batista Colorist: Frank Martin


Also Available: JUNGLE GIRL #4 - FOIL EDITION (OCT073393)