DOOM 2021 sounds like a new comic, but alas it's really about collecting MF DOOM concert posters. This oddball rapper is hard to describe. There's just a certain something about this guy. From being notorious for not performing at his own concerts, to always wearing a metal DR DOOM mask, this cartoonish emcee somehow isn't on more people's radars. But, if you haven't heard of him then you aren't alone. Shedding some light on this guy is a few keystrokes away, but prepare yourself: this end of the Hip-Hop spectrum is not one that casual listeners often venture into.

Unmasking the Madvillain DOOM Does No Good

The 49-year old British rapper known as Daniel Dumile's career is extensive. Dumile hatched KMD in 1988, with one album release (Mr. Hood) and one album shelving (Black Bastards). Dumile's younger brother Dingilizwe (DJ Subroc) died after being hit by a car in 1993. Sadly KMD effectively disbanded because of this tragedy. While DOOM would go onto have varying degrees of success with different monikers, this personal tragedy might be another reason as to why the elder Dumile gravitated towards villainous characters.

What's difficult about this emcee is his live performances. Shows took place, they just happened to be festival appearances or very short tours. Finding album artwork is easy for this emcee. Concert posters are a different story. One that pops up on eBay searching follows as:

This elusive emcee very much enjoys collaborating with a who's who of underground Hip-Hop and Hip-Hop related artists. In this case, Wu-Tang legend Ghostface Killah and MF perform together in London for one of many one-off shows the Madvillain participated in. The UK became the de-facto home of the masked emcee after trouble gaining entry into the United States a few times.

This particular poster is one of 50 crafted for this London show. The limited number might add to the value of the poster, as it retails for $175.99 on eBay. The simplicity in the artwork underscores just how fantastic of a show this had to have been. This show likely did not have an imposter, although the only one who ever truly knows is the villainous emcee himself.

Figuring out a more affordable option

This might be the most comprehensive document one might find when it comes to finding show dates on MF concert posters. This many dates for this particular artist seem unreal. The fact that this promotional handout appears to be around $7 also leads me to look at it sideways. With how difficult to find posters for the masked villain to begin with though, it's unlikely it isn't real. If that were the case, it feels like the price would be higher. Either way, if you're a fan of this guy this might be a good starting point.

For those of you not looking to journey to the ends of the Earth for this artist's poster, I don't blame you. As far as most artists go, the album artwork seems more sought after anyway. Anything loosely related to the artist also seems obtainable as well. For instance, there's his "super crew" of monster-themed artists known as "Monsta Island Czars" (MIC). This band of lyrical misfits should be entertaining for both casual and hardcore fans of MF:

A promotional album poster like this feels like something you'd come across in an underground record store somewhere. Another accessible collectible, this poster runs for about $35. Unless you're a fairly detailed fan, I can't see a casual aficionado picking this one up (although I'm curious about doing so).

Whatever form of MF DOOM you're looking for, keep searching. Just like his erratic pop-up performances you too might stumble upon a gem of artwork.