In this newsletter we've got an update on Book #2, a Book #1 "did you know?" and some other goodies.

Book #2 update —You're going to love it!
We're almost done with The Blessed Curse and can't wait to get it to you. You can get a taste of what's coming in our 6 page preview — this file is about 34MB! Take a look and let us know what you think. Enjoy!

Book #1 Treasures —Did you know?
Did you know that we put little treasures in our books? Have you found any yet? Here's a hint for the first one: what is common in the demise of Ahab and Jezebel? Drop us a note if you need some help or to let us know what else you've found.

More goodies
# Book #3 will be titled Seven Sons and will cover the shenanigans of Sceva's sons. This is a powerful story of the power of the name of Jesus.
# We have several boxes of the first printing of Book #1 available for purchase. It's the same powerful story without the Bible text and with a different cover. If you are interested in purchasing a box, each box contains 350 books, contact Mark.
# Your comments are really encouraging for us. We especially love to hear about how you are using Dust with your family, small group or such. Please keep them them rolling in.

Help spread Dust
We could use your help spreading Dust around. Grandparents and parents love giving Dust subscriptions to their prodigy and we've found the best way to reach them is by getting churches to put a short note about Dust in their newsletters. If you would be willing to ask your church or group to talk about Dust, please let us know via email.

Thank you for your continued support,

The crew at Dust.