October 19, 2007 Runnemede, NJ - DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT today has released images and information announcing the December release of Darkman #1, the debut issue of an all-new comic book series inspired by the original Sam Raimi film!

Producer Ford Lytle Gilmore is joined by artist Tommy Smith and cover artists Tomm Coker and Fabiano (Army of Darkness) Neves for this all new comic book event! Taking place five years after the events of the first film, the all-new Dynamite series promises to remain faithful, as well as standing on its own to entice and intrigue new readers!

Fans of both Raimi and Darkman know the story of Peyton Westlake and his tragic transformation into the man known as Darkman. Now, Peyton Westlake has fled town in his attempts to distance himself from Julie, all while continuing his research; his obsession with his lost love was greater than his obsession with perfecting his synthetic skin, and he found himself unable to stay away. Now, he's returned to a find world quite different than the one he left behind....

"I've long thought that DARKMAN was one of the greatest comic book movies ever made, even if it wasn't actually based on a comic book. Peyton Westlake is a very real, very flawed, very human character living in this over-the-top world. When Nick told me what Dynamite was doing with the ‘Army of Darkness' crossover and how they wanted to do an ongoing series building upon that, it was hard to pass up the opportunity to be a part of it." -- Ford Gilmore

"When I was a kid, I saw Darkman when it came out theaters. It was the first Sam Raimi movie I saw, and I've been a fan of his ever since. Equal parts horror and pulp hero, Darkman is going to be a blast to work on. He has loads of potential as a tragic hero, alongside the likes of Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll, Batman, and the Hulk. I'm grateful for Nick and Dynamite Entertainment for giving me the opportunity to illustrate his adventures, and to Ford for writing a killer story." --Tommy Smith

"Darkman is a rich character, as he's one of the most ‘human' super-heroes we've ever seen on screen. We've previously worked on the character with the Army of Darkness cross-over, which is helping to "bridge" the story Ford is preparing for the new series - building on what cross-over mini writers Kurt Busiek and Roger Stern helped to set up. It all leads to a big reveal at the end of issue #1!" -- Nick Barrucci

Also, fans of Darkman should ask their retailer about the special "Foil" edition of Darkman #1.


DARKMAN #1 (OCT073390) Writer: Ford Lytle Gilmore;
Penciller: Tommy Smith; Covers: Fabiano Neves, Tomm Coker


Also Available: DARKMAN #1 FOIL EDITION (OCT073392)