A Dramatic New Story Begins in Issue #6 of Dynamite’s Highlander Series

January 24, 2007, Runnemede, NJ – DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT released images and information today showcasing HIGHLANDER #6 and the beginning of The Dark Quickening, the next dramatic story arc featuring the Immortals. Scheduled for release in March, Highlander #6 is written by Brandon Jerwa, features the debut of interior artist Fabio Laguna and covers by Dave Dorman, Pat Lee, Michael Avon Oeming and David Michael Beck! Also, as a special treat for all the Immortal fans, Dynamite is releasing a special sneak peek at the covers for issue #7 PLUS a recap of the Highlander story so far!

Highlander #6

Last month Dynamite announced that Duncan MacLeod, the Immortal from the Highlander television series and cousin of Connor MacLeod, would be appearing in the stand-alone issue #5 of Highlander, and every fan wanted to know if he would be sticking around for upcoming issues! Now they’ve got their answer as writer Brandon Jerwa begins the next exciting story arc in issue #6 with The Dark Quickening. According to Dynamite, this is more than the usual sword-swinging, time-hopping, globe-trotting adventure -- The Dark Quickening delves into the consequences of Connor’s defeat of the Kurgan. All this plus the debut of artist Fabio Laguna!

Highlander scribe Brandon Jerwa gave fans some insight to The Dark Quickening by saying, “This arc is an open-and-shut story on its own, but it also ties into the bigger story we've been telling since issue # 0. The first story arc was a slow burn, but the gloves are off and I'm chopping heads! Connor and Duncan, the Old West, some familiar faces, ninja assassins, evil influences and a Dark Quickening - what else do you need?"

The first Highlander storyline, running from issue #0 through issue #4, took place in 1986 and followed closely after the events of the first Highlander movie. Like it’s cinematic predecessor, the comic series features the Highlander, Connor Macleod, and other Immortals battling for the 'Prize' in an age-old Game; the Prize goes to the last Immortal standing. Additionally, the comic series demonstrates the influence (through flashbacks) of the Immortals on political and historic events such as the Cold War and the Chernobyl disaster of 1986. The comic series also uses flashback scenes to establish the back-story and the characters' relationships to one another.

In the first story arc of the Highlander comic series, written by Michael Avon Oeming and Brandon Jerwa, the tale involves the discovery that the villainous Kurgan was a participant in a Cold War plan to create an army of Russian Super Soldiers. Given their ties to the Kurgan, as well as the danger posed to the world, Connor MacLeod and a handful of other Immortals take it upon themselves to investigate the return of the super soldiers and bring the legacy of the Kurgan to an end.

HIGHLANDER #0 begins in Paris, 1986, with KGB agent and Immortal, Tasya Desny, in pursuit of a sword-carrying fugitive. A sword-to-gun stand off in a nightclub ensues, ending with the fugitive being apprehended and Tasya Desny becoming concerned with markings on the man’s chest; the markings are in Russian and have an obvious significance to Tasya as both a KGB agent and an Immortal. Connor MacLeod is alerted of the situation and leaves from New York for Paris without hesitation, demonstrating that the markings have a grave meaning to him, as well. Upon arriving at the Interpol Field Office in Paris where the “marked man” is being held, Connor joins Tasya Desny and Paul Furio, another Immortal, and Doctor Volkov, a former Russian scientist with knowledge of the Immortals. All four participants seem to have a history with the “marked man”, who also seems to “recognize” them the way Immortals do one another, despite the fact that he is not an Immortal. Connor has a brief flashback showing the Kurgan and a group of others sharing the same markings as the prisoner, but the vision is interrupted as the prisoner breaks free of his cell and uses a guards’ handgun to commit suicide. The issue ends with a news broadcast announcement of the Chernobyl Power Plant disaster.

In HIGHLANDER #1 Connor Macleod and the Immortals, Paul Furio and Tasya Desny, along with Russian scientist Doctor Volkov head into Russia to investigate the re-appearance of the Kurgan’s super soldiers, the Temnotiye, but a missile launched at their helicopter forces the group to crash-land near Moscow, where they are immediately ambushed by the Temnotiye. During the battle, part of the Temnotiye’s master plan to bring back the “legacy of the Kurgan” and exterminate the Immortals is revealed. The battle and revelations are cut short, though, when the Temnotiye are called away by an unknown participant in a cut-away scene that also reveals the Temnotiye’s involvement in the Chernobyl disaster, as well as foreshadowing further destruction. Connor and the group are then surrounded and arrested by the KGB. Flashbacks include two from 1963. The first shows Doctor Volkov’s introduction to the Kurgan by Russian Prime Minister Khrushchev and their involvement with the creation of the Temnotiye. The second flashback shows Connor meeting with a sergeant that he served under during World War II; the Sergeant alerts him to evidence of experiments in Russia that may involve Immortals. Their conversation also discloses Connors heroics during WWII.

Highlander Directors Cut #1

In HIGHLANDER #2, Connor MacLeod, the Immortals, Paul Furio and Tasya Desny, and Doctor Volkov have been arrested and are awaiting interrogation in a KGB Detention Facility. Tasya Desny is the first to be interrogated. As a KGB agent herself, Tasya is accused of treason and for the murder of KGB and Russian military that were found decapitated; this accusation is in relation to her possession of a sword and in response to a crime committed by the Temnotiye. During this time, Tasya’s interrogation and a conversation between Connor MacLeod and Paul Furio imply that Tasya’s loyalties are only to herself and that she should not be fully trusted. Tasya escapes from her interrogation, frees her companions and they flee via train to Siberia. Flashbacks take place in East Berlin, 1964, where Connor makes his first acquaintance with Tasya Desny and Paul Furio while investigating the rumor of Russian experiments with Immortals. The flashback ends with the appearance of the Kurgan, who is aware of their presence as Immortals.

HIGHLANDER #3 takes place primarily during a flashback to 1964, East Berlin, where Connor MacLeod and his Immortal companions, Paul Furio and Tasya Desny, infiltrate the Cathedral where Russian scientist Doctor Volkov has been conducting experiments to create an army of Russian Super Soldiers using the Kurgan’s Immortal genetics. During the confrontation, the Kurgan acknowledges the rule of “no fighting on holy ground” then counters the fact by stating that the rule does not apply to his Temnotiye; thus, a vicious battle between the Temnotiye and Connor’s group ensues. In a later, but sequentially preceding flashback, the Kurgan reveals his true plans for the Temnotiye; to use them as an army of his own against the Immortals and to win the Game. The Kurgan’s personal agenda and betrayal of the Soviet plan convinces Doctor Volkov’s to flee his position and join Connor; the Kurgan retaliates with the slaying of Volkov’s wife and daughter. Connor pursues the Kurgan and his remaining Temnotiye into their escape helicopter, where the two Immortals battle in a freefall for a cliffhanger ending. The 1986, portion of issue #3 leads to more suspect of Tasya Desny and the revelation that Connor and company did not escape KGB detention unnoticed.

Highlander #3 (Cover A - Lee Moder)

Highlander #3 (Cover B - Stephen Sadowski)

HIGHLANDER #4 closes the globe-spanning story arc from writers Michael Avon Oeming and Brandon Jerwa along with artist Lee Moder. In Siberia, Connor and crew race to destroy the remnants of the Kurgan's super-soldiers in the present, allegiances fall apart and a traitor is revealed!

HIGHLANDER #5 features a special New Year's Eve tale of immortal love... and loss! Also the first DYNAMITE COMICS appearance of Duncan MacLeod!

HIGHLANDER #6 (JAN073517) kicks off the second exciting story arc from writer Brandon Jerwa, who's joined by artist Fabio Laguna as they present the Dark Quickening! Connor is joined by Duncan as the two MacLeod's race to save Connor's very soul from the dark influence of the Kurgan! This exciting new story also features a tale of the two cousins in a past adventure as they help a fellow immortal recover from his own "dark quickening"! Also, this month, look for special covers from Michael Avon Oeming, Pat Lee, Dave Dorman and David Michael Beck! FANS, ASK YOUR LOCAL RETAILER ABOUT THE BLACK & WHITE DAVID M. BECK SKETCH COVER.

Highlander #6

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