Image Comics has announced that ELEPHANTMEN #10 (which hit stores less than two weeks ago on the opening day of San Diego) has already sold out!

In addition, Image Comics is thrilled to announce that ELEPHANTMEN has been one of its Top 10 sellers during the entire run of the series. In an average month, Image Comics releases on average 30 single-issue comics and 20 graphic novels. While the releases fluctuate, ELEPHANTMEN ranks in the top 10 sales of single issue comics every time.

"The series is continually one of the most engaging and beautiful books on the stands. (#1 pick of the week)"

— Ryan the Iowan, Weekly Power Rankings

"Some of the best art you can find anywhere in the industry and a writer whose love of the characters is palpable in each panel. Don't make me beg you to try this series out. (4.5/5 bullets)"

— Chris Murman, Line of Fire Reviews

Elephantmen #10

Elephantmen #10
July 2007
32pp F/C for $2.99
Previews #APR071866

WOUNDED ANIMALS hardcover on sale now

Collects ELEPHANTMEN #1-7 featuring stories by Starkings & Joe Kelly and art by Ladrönn, Moritat, Henry Flint, Tom Scioli, Dave Hine & Chris Bachalo.

"Visually, the various artists give a nod to great dystopias past -- Blade Runner via Neuromancer via Brazil -- but the sepia-tinted color palette and soft, painterly shading set it apart. The character designs in particular are spectacular, and the whole is a lightning-fast but addictive read."

— , Publishers Weekly

"It amazes me what a fantastic series this is, all the way from concept to the final presentation."

— Christopher Neseman , Around Comics Podcast

Image from Amazon
Elephantmen Volume 1: Wounded Animals
by Richard Starkings, Moritat