Friends & Fans – I’m Back…GET TO THE CHOPPA!  After a quick pause, I am thrilled to be back writing with GoCollect.  To start things back up, I am reviewing the latest BIG news in comic collecting, Marvel’s FULL-ON SHIFT into digital comic collecting & ownership.  This article helps explain what this new change means, and understand how the digital comic collecting space relates to, and enhances our traditional, physical collections.  This will be worth your time!  To support this article, I am borrowing some great content from the collectors at Comics & Crypto, plus Sergio Collects.  LET’S GO!


As noted in Comics & Crypto's most recent newsletter, Sergio Collects states for decades, comic collectors reveled in the thrill of the hunt, scouring comic shops and garage sales for (hidden) prized issues & variant covers or attended Comic Cons and community events. Yet, the traditional model of physical collecting has limitations, leaving many fans frustrated by geographical barriers and delayed releases. Yet FEAR NOT fellow collector, for VeVe Comics has emerged as a game-changer, offering a revolutionary approach that combines the best of digital convenience with the excitement of traditional collecting.

Marvel enthusiasts, especially those familiar with Marvel Unlimited and Comixology, may have reservations with transitioning to digital collecting. There is obviously special emotions about holding a physical comic in your hands, feeling its texture, “that smell” and admiring artwork up close. VeVe Comics though, is here to show you that the digital realm can offer an experience that's just as rewarding, if not more so.

The ONLY place in the world where you can buy and sell new titles from Marvel Comics in digital format is on the new VeVe Comics Platform.

A key frustration for digital comic readers has been the delay in accessing new releases. With Marvel Unlimited, fans had to wait a painstaking (3) months before they could dive into the latest issues. This meant being left out of conversations, unable to participate in the excitement of new storylines as they unfolded. But VeVe Comics changes the game by offering simultaneous release with physical copies. That's right – no more waiting! Every Wednesday, you can access new Marvel releases on VeVe Comics the same day they hit store shelves.

This simultaneous release isn't just convenient; it's inclusive. International fans and those without access to local comic shops no longer must feel like second-class or forgotten customers. VeVe Comics allows everyone to immediately join in on the hype and conversations, sharing thoughts and theories as they dive into the latest adventures of their favorite superheroes.  With a fan base on Twitter / X alone over 250,000 the #VeVe Community is simply an incredible BONUS that most fans will find simply engaging.


VeVe Comics isn't just about accessibility – it's capturing the essence of physical collecting in a digital format. One of the joys of collecting comics is hunting for rare and valuable variant covers. VeVe Comics brings this excitement to the digital realm by offering a range of variant covers for each new release. From common covers with editions of 600 to the elusive "secret rare" variants limited to just 40 copies, there's something for every collector.

TO review, please refer to my previous blog on this topic:

Further, and in our opinion one of the BEST aspects of the VeVe Comics app is its direct connection to parent, VeVe Digital Collectibles.  If you didn’t know, VeVe is where you can find absolutely amazing assets of digital COMIC GRAILS, KEYS & FIRST APPEARANCE TITLES like Marvel Comics #1, Amazing Fantasy #15, ASM1, Daredevil 1, X-Men #1, Giant Sized X-Men #1 and 100’s more. 

Even better – now you can PAIR YOUR PHYSICAL TITLES WITH YOUR DIGITAL TITLES (commonly being referred to as ‘Phygital Collecting’) It really is blending the best of all comic collecting opportunities. I will write about this more in a future article, but make no mistake - this new digital ecosystem is having a positive impact on physical comic collecting. Though they may have started as younger, newer 'digital' comic collectors, VeVe (and digital ally DC Comics / DCNFT, available on the Candy Digital Marketplace) collectors have been swarming LCS's to match their digital assets to those found in physical formats, further buying up posters, omnibus' and statutes to complete their sets. Check out the FIRST EVER digital collectible by DC Comics & Todd McFarlane as the black & white "TODD BATMAN" as its now known:

And while not everyone can afford a physical Amazing Fantasy #15, many can and do now own this asset in digital form, fully licensed as 'a digital representation of the original' by Marvel. Same goes for FF#1, ASM#1 and more. What has this done for the industry? Well how about HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of new comic fans learning where the entire Peter Parker story came from? The impact this has on new characters like Miles Morales has been nothing short of profound...


What also sets VeVe Comics apart is its innovative marketplace, allowing users to buy, sell and trade digital comics. Yes, these are digital assets which you can OWN.  Not rent, not just read, OWN.  Enjoy your collections in augmented reality, build massive collections without need of long boxes, storage, insurance, risk and of course, even sell them at your discretion if you no longer wish to hold them or want to chase new titles or drop attempts. 

This feature fundamentally changes the economics of digital collecting, giving comics a sense of permanence and value that was previously lacking. Now, when you purchase a digital comic, it's not just a one-time transaction, it's an investment. You can trade rare variants, recoup costs or maybe turn profits. 

This marketplace fosters a sense of community, turning VeVe Comics into a virtual comic shop where fans can connect, discuss their passion, and engage in the shared experience of collecting. It breaks down geographical barriers, uniting fans from around the world under a common banner.


Q) What’s the difference between the VeVe Comics Website & the regular / original VeVe app?

A) Comics released on the new “VeVe Comics” platform are the same new releases found every Wednesday at local comic book shops, in digital format, not physical, but dropped on the same day as the physicals. Comics on the regular VeVe app are typically historical & first appearance titles, established as keys or grails by the comic book collecting community. For example, here you will have access to titles such as X-Men #1 or Giant-Sized X-Men #1, while the VeVe Comics platform would be where X-Men ’97 #1 dropped recently. 

Q) Can I buy these new, modern-age comics on the regular VeVe app?

A) “It Depends” - If you wish to purchase ‘brand new, freshly minted’ modern edition titles where you become the original owner, or wish for a chance at owning a hot title at its retail rate or possibly secure a more rare ‘Limited Edition Variant,’ then you would purchase on drop day at the “VeVe Comics” website: using a credit card.

Some titles end up listing in the VeVe Marketplace at significant increases, so the ‘game’ is to hopefully secure a title before it escalates, though always be cautious – not all titles go up in value, just like physical retail.

Many digital collectors though, choose to skip drops and just buy directly in the original VeVe market.  Here, you get exactly what you want: preferred cover variants, runs or more commonly seen today, specific edition numbers (ex: 1939 / 839 for Marvel’s FA, 1862 ref. to Spidey’s FA in August 1962, 577 for Star Wars May ’77 official release...). Less ‘gambling,’ more focused collecting.

Q) Can I create and use a VeVe profile or account if I sign up with VeVe?

A) Yes, the new VeVe Comics platform is integrated with your existing VeVe account. You use the same username and password to log in, which makes marketplace activity a breeze (see next).

Q) Is there a separate marketplace for the new VeVe Comics?

A) No, once you purchase a comic on the new VeVe Comics website, you can list it on the regular VeVe marketplace, along with your other collectibles. Note this is a global marketplace – no longer are you restricted to your own geography, opening up potential opportunity to collectors everywhere!

Q) How much are these new comics? 

A) All new titles are available in (2) formats: Open Edition and Limited Edition.

1) Open Edition Format: The supply for this format is unlimited. They are also at a lower price point than limited edition formats, starting from $3.99 and up. You cannot trade this open edition format in the secondary marketplace. It does not include different cover variants or rarities. It is meant for reading only.

2) Limited Edition format: These retail from $6.98 up and are limited to just 1,000 copies. In contrast, the typical standard comic book drop on Veve is usually between 5,000 to 10,000 editions. Each issue has different rarities, edition numbers and variant covers (Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare and Secret Rare). They can also be traded in the secondary marketplace. NOTE – Rare & Ultra Rare variant covers tend to be custom created by Marvel Comic Artists, and only available on the VeVe app.

Q) What happens after I buy a new comic?

A) If you purchase a standard-cover edition, your asset will appear in Your Library, where you can use the VeVe Comic Reader to enjoy.  However, if you choose to select the LEC (Ltd. Edition Comic) options, you have an opportunity to ‘win’ more exclusive, scarce variant covers that in addition to owning, can now resell at any time in the VeVe Marketplace. 

A few seconds after purchase, the rarity, edition number and cover variant you received will be revealed. New comics are generally delivered instantly to both your regular VeVe app and the new VeVe Comics reading app.


A) New issues must wait at least three months before they are available on Marvel Unlimited. On VeVe Comics, they are available the same day as comic book shops. You also cannot trade comics available on Marvel Unlimited. There are no rarities there, or different variant covers. It is strictly a read-only platform for issues older than 90 days. It is a subscription service, so you only have access to those comics for as long as you continue subscribing to the service. VeVe Comics gives you ownership of new comics in digital format. 


Well, the data shows average consumers spend more hours each day online than any other media format, using digital products from streaming services to social media platforms, banking to Zoom meetings. Most of us drive with Google Maps engaged…no more map books.  We listen to Spotify, not radio.  We bank online and send payments digitally without question, so the market for digital assets is already established.

With VeVe Comics, you're not just spending time enjoying your passion – you're investing in a trusted, historical hobby, building collections, connecting with a massive, fully engaged community and sharing a #NostalgiaReSpark most fans can't stop raving about.

VeVeMeister, a well-known VeVe collector from Germany recently stated this all quite nicely:
“VeVe Comics gives you ownership of new comics in digital format. ‘Nuff Said.’”

So, VeVe Comics isn't just a new platform for digital comics – it's a revolution. It's about tearing down barriers and ensuring a truly global comic book experience allowing more users in more markets the opportunity to learn, engage and own incredible IP and comic stories. Digital Collectible / character ownership extends the experience further, and just wait until the VeVeVerse (metaverse) starts! 

The next time a major storyline unfolds in the Marvel Universe, rest assured that fans around the world will be experiencing it together, thanks to the groundbreaking innovation of VeVe Comics. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to the world of comics, now is the time to embrace the digital revolution and discover a whole new way to enjoy your favorite stories.  Those of us in the digital side welcome you with open pages!

Thanks for Reading!