Mutants were thriving…but then came M-Day and the once venerable race was reduced to a handful of survivors. Beginning in X-Men #200, Endangered Species chronicles the efforts of one mutant to do the seemingly impossible: save his race from extinction! But just who will his allies be? The answer will shock you! This story will have direct repercussions for the all the remaining mutants and appears in the form of special eight page bonus stories in X-Men, Uncanny X-Men, X-Factor & New X-Men this July through October. Endangered Species leads directly into this fall’s top secret X-Men event that won’t just change the X-Men—it’ll redefine them!

X-Men Finch Gatefold Variant #200

X-Men Wrap-around #200

“We’ll follow Beast down a trail that only he can traverse,” said X-Men editor Andy Schmidt. “The mutant gene is all but eradicated from the planet. That means his race is dying. He’s a scientist—a genius—and he’s going to solve the riddle of his own extinction—or die trying.”

It all begins in X-Men #200, featuring chapter one of Endangered Species and a shocking final page that’ll set Beast down a road from which there is no return! Also, don’t miss X-Men: Endangered Species One-Shot, in which the death of a mutant hits the X-Men hard, causing the team to think about their own mortality and just how to cope with the end of mutantkind as they know it. The X-Men will never be the same again…and it all starts here!

X-MEN #200 (APR072344)
Written by MIKE CAREY
Penciled by Humberto Ramos & CHRIS BACHALO
50/50 Wraparound Cover by Humberto Ramos
50/50 Wraparound Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
Gatefold Variant Cover by DAVID FINCH
Rated A …$3.99
FOC—5/31/07, On Sale—6/20/07

Written by MIKE CAREY
Pencils by SCOT EATON
Rated T+…$3.99
FOC—5/31/07, On Sale—6/20/07