ComicConnect is a name everyone who collects comics knows. They get in heavy hitter books and have made impressive, record-breaking sales. Their event auctions are a thrill for sellers, collectors, and investors alike. Right now we are in the very beginning of Event Auction #51, which is broken up into five sessions, each ending at staggering times to give everyone their best shot at winning what they want.

Session 1: (Video Tapes, Art, Pulps, Video Games, Memorabilia) Ends: Sep 19, 2022
Session 2: (Acme Novelty - Batgirl Adventures) Ends: Sep 20, 2022
Session 3: (Batman - Iron Man) Ends: Sep 21, 2022
Session 4: (Iron Man & Sub-Mariner #1 - Strange Tales #89) Ends: Sep 22, 2022
Session 5: (Strange Tales #100 - Zegra) Ends: Sep 23, 2022

Sessions are broken down even further, which you can see on their website. Today I'm going to focus on the memorabilia that's up for action -- by now you all may know how much I love those sometimes odd items!
There's nothing more iconic than a comic spinner rack. These racks were everywhere comics were sold, at one point. As a child, I saw them at my local comic book shops, newspaper stands, toy stores, and even Hallmark stores!
Spinner racks can still be found in comic shops everywhere, and sometimes they can be found in collections! Prices on spinner racks can vary. One similar to this one sold in July of 2022 for $280, while others have gone for over $1K.
While I can't say these are solid investment pieces, these are solid collector's pieces! If you're looking to enhance your comic collection, you can't go wrong with this spinner rack.

DC Comics Promo Satin Jacket 

Promotional items are unique pieces of a hobby. They were limited production, and usually only given to people in the industry or a handful of lucky fans. This DC Comics women's promo jacket was made in the 1980s and was only given to DC employees. As an added bonus, this jacket came from Tom DeFalco -- the former editor-in-chief of Marvel Comics. How he got the jacket isn't noted, but it's safe to assume everyone knew everyone in the comic book scene of the 1980s!
It's hard to say where this will end price-wise. I've seen them go for as low as $30 and as high as $200. It just depends on interest. I am a DC fan, so I would like to think this would be a hit item. But I also know this is a niche product in an overall hobby. No matter what, though, this is a great piece for a collection!

DC Entertainment Office Sign 

Here's something you truly don't see every day. This sign hung in DC Entertainment's New York City office, where it helped direct visitors. Featuring Superman by Jim Lee, this would be a truly fantastic piece for any collection.
The sign was acquired by a DC employee when DC left New York for California. This sign is mounted on a metal backing and is displayed behind plexiglass. Comic Connect notes this is in excellent condition -- and yes, you could probably mount this on your wall at home!
Comic Connect is also offering the 6th-floor sign, featuring a Frank Miller Dark Knight. Comic Connect notes this as being in excellent condition, and just like Superman, you could probably also mount this at home!

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