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Star Wars Legacy #1Star Wars Legacy #1
Dark Horse Comics
Bechko & Hardman

Star Wars Legacy launches a new series set during the same time period as the first Star Wars Legacy time period only following a different lead character descended from Darth Vader, Ania Solo. I'm not sure if this classifies as a re-launch or a renumbering because it does pick up the threads where the previous series left off and does include many of the supporting characters from that series. However, the plot and main characters are decidedly off in their own corner of the universe. This is definitely the start of what looks to be a great series.

The Sith rule is over and the Imperial-Jedi hybrid government is struggling to put the pieces back together. They dispatch one of their Imperial Knights to assist in setting up a communications grid in some remote part of the galaxy. During this mission he encounters a forgotten Sith.

Later, the junk dealer, Ania, comes across the Knight's broken probe droid that scooped up the Knight's lightsaber that was dropped in the battle. Ania begins her new adventure with a piece of Luke (the lightsaber) and a piece of Han (a blaster) in each of her hands.

The comic book is put together really well. The opening pages quickly set the stage for the reasons for the Knight's journey while then launching immediately into the action. When that dies down the book quickly establishes Ania and some of what makes her tick and then immediately gets the lightsaber into her hands and sets her on her way. The plot is strong and the characters are well constructed and likeable.

The drawback to this book is that it really pushes the limits of a jumping on point. Having read the previous Legacy series (which debuted seven years ago) I found the government set up and recap to be really glossed over. If you didn't read the previous series and were only mostly familiar with the original movies you would be confused about Imperial Knights and a "good" empire and a "good" empress. Also the concept of so many force users, good, bad or indifferent might be a little much to absorb. It's also a little difficult to believe a Solo could be so seemingly unaware of her special heritage.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsThe artwork is great. This book looks and feels like a Star Wars comic. It's got fantastic details and lays out some great Star Wars-like settings. There is an edge to Ania that the pencils really detail nicely. She has the Han Solo-esque smirk with a touch of Princess Leia beauty. It's a very lovely book artistically.

Star Wars Legacy adds yet another book to the excellent Star Wars arsenal. This one dives into the wealth of characters that were created in the previous series but sets up some completely new ones to follow. It appears this book is ongoing as opposed to a series of mini-series and if that is the case then this book is going to gain a ton of momentum quickly. I enjoyed the first issue and can't wait to see where Ms Solo heads next.

4 out of 5 Geek Goggles