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Walking Dead #94Walking Dead #94
Image Comics
Kirkman, Adlard & Rathburn

"A Larger World" continues with the second issue in what seems to be a very slow moving arc. Unlike previous arcs, like "The Hunters", that built up tension by leading the reader to believe that the odds were even between Rick and company against their new adversaries, this one appears to be "safer". This issue continues to build trust, ever so slowly, between Rick and company and their newly found outsider, Jesus. It's a well written, superbly drawn issue that will please, but not shock the reader. As always, an average Walking Dead comic book is still better than just about anything else on the stands.

After a minor scare where Carl decides to confront the tied-up Jesus, Rick and company decide to take Jesus up on his offer to check out his camp. The book mostly covers the journey to the camp. The reader is generally led to believe that Jesus is up to something or that Jesus isn't all that he appears on the surface. You could potentially make the case that the man is just plain nuts and doesn't have a community out there at all. However, the interesting aspect of this issue that is not explored very much is how Rick selects the people to go with him on the trip.

Ultimately Rick takes Andrea, Glenn and Michonne with him and Jesus on their way to the mysterious camp. While Kirkman spends a little time letting us know how or why Rick picks Glenn and Andrea, we don't understand his methodology with how he arrived at the entire strategy. So there is no trailer car? There is no separation of the crew or sharp shooter laying low? Rick doesn't have any kind of signal set-up to let anyone know if they get into trouble? There was no discussion about how to enter the camp once they find it? For a character that we are accustomed to have go over every single little detail we surprisingly get none of it here. I was disappointed. I wanted to see more of Rick the strategist in action. This arc was crying out for it.

Brandon Borzelli's Geek Goggle ReviewsAdlard delivers as usual in the art department. Adlard has taken his depiction of Jesus to be very reminiscent of that of the Governor. It's very eerie and effective. I also really liked how Adlard played with Jesus' expressions throughout the book. He definitely gives off the impression that even though he is tied up, he is firmly in control of the situation.

Walking Dead is an excellent read. It is each and every month. This issue passes for slightly better than average because the book is kind of slow and doesn't fully explore the tension that this journey should entail. I liked the book and definitely recommend checking it out. You will also find some decent zombie action in the book as well.

3.5 out of 5 Geek Goggles