The GoCollect site is a wonderful resource for all comic fans and collectors. It provides information on prices, trends, and blogs on comic books. Though, not all of those features are visible to everyone. Below are features an individual can explore with premium access.


One aspect of the premium access provides theĀ  Fair Market Value (FMV) of comics you desire and also provides the link of the site where the issue was last sold. The ability to see when and where the last comic you want to buy is very useful. It is helpful if you decide to buy that same comic in the future. You can use this feature in bargaining a lower price at your Local Comic Shop (LCS) or wait patiently for the right price at a third-party site such as eBay, ComicLink, or Heritage Auctions.


One innovative perk of having premium access is enabling notifications from GoCollect blogs. Each notification is divided by category and separated by how often it will be delivered via email. You have the option of opting in for any category of your choosing. Meaning, you only choose which topics for which you want to receive emails from GoCollect.


One feature of premium access I dabble with is the "Analyzer" tool. The tool allows me to see how a particular issue is trending from a financial perspective. Financially, an individual can determine if a comic has been rising in a positive or negative value by looking at the "trend" column. As a collector and fan, the feature helps me decide if some issues are considered to be a "buy low" opportunity or a "sell high" candidate.

In addition, the customization of choosing the "Slab Type" of a grading company of either Certified Guaranty Company (CGC) or Comic Book Certification Service (CBCS) is good at distinguishing prices. Generally, CGC has shown to have a better resale value than CBCS. Lastly, the ability to choose a fixed date range of your choice is very helpful as well. It is very accommodating in seeing if a comic has been rising value lately in a certain amount of time. For example, X-Men #1, has been been on a tear lately in value since the property was acquired back to Marvel from Fox.


The "Model" feature is another great tool for people who have premium access. This feature allows the user to generate estimated values of an issue based on the recent sales. This is very helpful in determining the price for a graded issue if there are no recent sales currently. For example, let's say you have Thor #337 and see that graded 7.0 & 9.0 issues are priced at $100 and $150 respectively. Currently, this means that a 9.0 grade is price two-thirds higher than the 7.0. If we look ahead three months from now and the 7.0 is selling at $120 with no sales from the 9.0. We can estimate the value of 9.0 at $200. This determination is based on the model feature.


The "Watching" feature is another helpful tool with GoCollect premium access. It allows the user to receive alerts on their dashboard on specific comics of your choice. Firstly, an individual chooses any comic that he or she wants to keep an eye on. Once chosen, there is a "Watch" icon under the comic description to click. From there, a user can choose a range of the lowest grade to the highest grade from grading companies such as CGC & CBCS.

For example, I keep tabs on Fantastic Four #45, which is the first appearance of the Inhumans. If anyone remembers, Fox tried to incorporate them into the MCU with their tv show a couple of years ago and it got canceled very early in season one. Optimistically, I believe Marvel will try again and add them to the MCU. Currently, I am watching this issue and have set the range of grades from 5.0 to 9.8 from both grading companies. I use this feature to see if the book may gain value in the upcoming future for Marvel. I truly believe the Inhumans are making a triumphant comeback to the Marvel universe.


Lastly, in summarizing all the features of premium access, the "Dashboard" option provides really innovative insight into comics. The dashboard shows a list of a user's comics that are on their watch list. The list is located on the right side of the page. The dashboard also displays a very creative "What's Selling" list of the top 20 comics. This list is based on the most recent sales online. In addition, it is distributed to specific comic book periods, such as Silver Age, Modern Age, Bronze Age, and New. This feature assists collectors in seeing which comics are selling and what are in high demand!


To summarize, premium access for GoCollect users provides various tools and features on countless information for comics. The statistics, trends, and model features are very helpful for anyone who is looking to either sell or buy comics in the near future.

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