In light of questions we have received about CLZ’s recent update and in the spirit of transparency, please see below for answers to the FAQs:

Q: Why isn’t GoCollect providing refunds to CLZ users?

A: When we connected with CLZ in 2019, the arrangement was informal with no contract or formal agreement. We have always provided CLZ with free access to our API, with the understanding that we’d get to a formal agreement when GoCollect was ready. The plan to begin charging CLZ has always been in service of our commitment to continue investing in technology and talent makes our application more helpful to its users. Offering free access to CLZ indefinitely would’ve compromised our ability to do that given we also offer list management services for collectors.

In the Spring of 2021, we met with CLZ leadership to discuss a formal agreement and paid partnership based on when our new site and API would be available. CLZ was aligned and was waiting for us to launch in July. However, unexpected delays occurred in our development timeline for things like family emergencies, weddings, birth of children and well deserved vacation time for our team. Delays also came from our relentless desire to build an even better product as we continued down the development path. We incorporated “this-just-in” new ideas and thinking into our dev timeline and communicated the July delay to the masses.

Q: Why were the values not updating for CLZ users starting in September?

A:  We officially launched our new site on October 13th, which began with a transition in September. During the transition, something compromised the data feed. So we let CLZ know that the best path forward was for us to focus on our new site and new API because they would offer the stability we both wanted. 

Q: Why are CLZ and GoCollect no longer working together?

A: I acknowledged the data feed issues that occurred for CLZ users when we migrated to our new site in direct communication with CLZ as well as on CLZ’s Facebook page (I no longer have access so can’t confirm the date). I also shared our intention to host a meeting with CLZ on October 22nd to roll out the new API. But, we continued to have concerns about working with CLZ due to differences in our professional values. On October 15th, I notified CLZ that GoCollect made the decision to part ways and discontinue discussions about an API solution for them outside of the free option that will be available.

Thank you for reading. We look forward to continuing to focus our efforts on innovation that serves the needs of our users and the collector community.