I've been made aware that the Google Reader is not refreshing our "ComicList: Shipping This Week" feed properly, and hasn't for the last two weeks. The problem as nearly as I can tell does not lie at my or Feedburner's end. If you go to the feed url ( http://feeds.feedburner.com/comiclistfeed ) in your browser, you will see that the feed has been updating every Monday, on schedule.

I have contacted Google for assistance with this issue. In the meantime, I recommend our Google Reader readers to either read the list at the web site, try a different feed reader such as the one built into Firefox, or subscribe to the list via email.

EDIT: Here is the response from Google: "Reader will ignore feed items that are bigger than 100K, and it looks like your items are just over that limit (e.g. today's item is 121K). I would suggest splitting up your items into smaller ones (this will also benefit your readers, since things will be easier to scan)." Interesting. I've just made the last two week's entries smaller, so we'll have to wait and see if they are visible in the Reader.