For those I haven't met in person, online, or via the GoCollect Instagram account they still let me manage @gocollectcomics (because I like to show off my comics and other collections), my name is Jeff Meyer, founder here at GoCollect. There have been a lot of whispers about what we've been up to over here at GoCollect. Some are true, others are not. It's time to pull back the curtain and let you know what's on the horizon.

Our mission is simple - to make collecting better. You can expect a lot of positive growth as 2020 unfolds. Read on to hear plans for our 2 new price guides (Video Games and Concert Posters), enhanced media integrations, and ultimately changes to our Premium Access pricing. For current subscribers, don't worry - your rates are locked-in! *(see below for details)

The below areas are an overview of what's coming soon. Most of these things are currently in development and/or releasing very soon. I'm writing here to give everyone a clearer perspective on the changes you can expect...

New Video Games Price Guide

This was originally supposed to be released last year. However, we ran into too many roadblocks that were preventing us from delivering strong information that we felt confident sharing with such an explosively growing community of collectors. But thanks to great relationships with the awesome folks at Wata Games, Heritage AuctionsMetropolis Collectibles and many others, we're excited to be revisiting the initiative. We're going to roll this one out in stages to ensure we're delivering the video game collecting community the information and tools they're demanding. Here's the chronology we're working with:

  1. On May 13, 2020, we will release the initial "Beta" of the guide. We have re-written the code from GameValueNow (one of our recent acquisitions) from the ground up in order to more rapidly deliver updates and enhancements. Note that we will run the Beta site in-tandem with GameValueNow without disturbing the current site, nor its tools in the Collection Tracker and Lot Calculator areas. Key updates with this rollout include (1) Focused sales tracking for Wata-graded games and (2) Removal of the misleading VGA sections. Note: We are not going to stop tracking VGA sales, but simply removing them from the graded areas of the site due to confusion around grading guidelines. Those sales will still be tracked within the sealed and CIB areas.
  2. By May 20, 2020, we hope to have sales tracking from Heritage Auctions integrated.
  3. By May 27, 2020, we hope to have a Wata label lookup tool integrated.
  4. June enhancements are pending the outcomes of the above, but we hope to be out of Beta sometime during Summer, 2020.

New Concert Posters Price Guide

Over the past year, I've personally become fascinated by the art, history and all-around good vibes in the concert poster collecting realms. Music touches so many of our lives and the live performances are an amazing extension of the artform as a whole. The ephemera that is collected around these events is as amazing as it is confusing and mysterious. It's a truly undervalued collectible that deserves more attention from collectors of pop culture so that better information can be more easily obtained by the new faces that are pouring into this hobby.

I don't yet have a chronology to share. We're currently working with professionals in the industry to refine and standardize information so that we can deliver reliable data for current and new collectors alike.

I will say this...

  • The modern era of music (Punk, grunge, hip-hop, rave, etc.) is a missing link that we're working hard to solve.
  • There aren't enough posters being graded. I'll share news soon on how one amazing company is stepping up their game.
  • I've personally experienced a series of amazing stories that I fully intend to share with the public. The people in this hobby are just as cool as the collectible. Did you happen to catch that picture of me on Instagram looking exhausted, sitting on the back of a U-haul truck? Wait until you hear that whopper!

Enhanced Media Integrations

The GoCollect blog has evolved into a hotbed of daily information and speculation for comic collectors worldwide. At the same time, one of our sister sites ( has continued to gain new fans each week due to the multi-decade efforts of Charles LePage. Tens of thousands of people visit on a weekly basis because it has remained the single best source of reliable information for new comic book release schedules across the industry. We will be slowly streamlining this information into a single source and hope to have it fully integrated into the main GoCollect platform as well as the subscriber experience. Updates will roll out in no particular order, but include:

  • Moving Charles Lepage's research efforts and updates to the GoCollect news/blog platform, while expanding our reporting on general comic industry news that readers and dealers will find useful.
  • We've begun slowly releasing news and information for collectors of video games and concert posters. You can expect those areas to grow at an even faster rate very soon. If you like to write and love to collect, we're always looking for bloggers.
  • Email updates and notifications are improving. You will soon have an area within your GoCollect account to personalize the type of information that's import to you and how you want that information delivered.

Subscription Pricing Updates

We will continue to retain and enhance our free subscription area without the need to upgrade. However, the costs for our Premium Access subscription will be going up for those who create a new subscription beginning July 5, 2020. Everyone has the chance to upgrade to our advanced suite of collector tools and tracking data by July 4, 2020 to lock-in today's low rates for the life of your subscription. There is one catch: *You can't let your subscription lapse - you will need to maintain your paid subscription to continue to enjoy the low rate for as long as you'd like. As a fun side bonus, those who lock in their Premium subscription by July 4, 2020 will receive a special "OCC badge" (Original Comic Collector) on their future profile page (additional details to follow in the coming months).

Subscription Price Changes beginning July 5, 2020 for those that have not locked-in their current rate

  • Pay-as-you-go pricing will go from $5.99 per month to $9 per month
  • Annual pricing will go up from $64.99 per year to $89 per year

Phew! If you got all the way down to this point and are still reading, you deserve a high-five. It's folks like you that keep us motivated to continue plugging away on tools and information that enhance our wacky world of collecting. Thanks for being you and doing all that you do.

Stay passionate my friends! I'll see you on Instagram.