April 19, 2006 (San Diego, CA) – Comic book creator/screenwriter Kevin Grevioux – through his latest comic book studio imprint, Astounding Studios – takes readers on a journey to bear witness to the greatest battle ever fought, in GUARDIAN HEROES #0, coming to Alias Comics in May 2006!

GUARDIAN HEROES reveals to readers that there have always been heroes, even super-human ones, throughout the history of our world. Those brave individuals who stand in the gap and fight for the weak and the oppressed. In this one-shot story, this proud tradition of heroes continues into our modern era with superheroes that use their great powers and abilities to help mankind - just like their biblical predecessors such as Samson, David, and Moses.

We delve deeper into the mythos when angels, lead by an angelic being named Uriel, asks a group of superheroes for help in the fight against evil to protect a group of very special children who are destined to become the world's next generation of superheroes.

“This is an all-ages book that anyone can enjoy, regardless of what your faith is,” said Grevioux. “It's ultimate good vs. evil here, that's being played out in a superhero-type universe, and there's going to be massive amounts of good, solid rock'em-sock'em superhero action! It's going to be a lot of fun!”

Here’s how Alias Comics describes the issue to readers:

Written by Kevin Grevioux, with artwork by Leonel Castellani, and colors by Javier Tartaglia.
Throughout history there have always been heroes. Those exceptional men and women blessed with phenomenal strength, power and fortitude to resist evil wherever it's found. Men and women who have the courage to fight for truth and justice when the need arises no matter what the personal cost to their own lives. But, where do these heroes come from? Is it blind luck that creates them, or is there some kind of divine plan? Those questions are answered as one such group of younglings is destined to become the next generation heroes. That is, if they can escape the forces of darkness marshalling against them. Those demonic "denizens of the dark" who will stop at nothing to ensure that these children never fulfill their heroic destiny. It is ultimate good versus ultimate evil for the greatest prize of all: THE CHILDREN OF TOMORROW! This is the world of GUARDIAN HEROES!
-- 24-pages, full-color, one-shot -- $3.50 (order code: MAR062894)

“Alias is really a fun place to work, and the people there are top notch professionals,” adds Grevioux of the publisher, Alias Comics. “They allow me a healthy amount of creative freedom and have some interesting marketing ideas that hopefully the industry will take advantage of one day. I have no doubt that Alias will be around for a very long time, and I hope to be publishing with them for as long as they will allow me.”

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