August 25th (Berkeley, CA) - The Eisner-award nominated HAWAIIAN DICK miniseries have both garnered a lot of attention, but this November creators B. Clay Moore and Steven Griffin team up with Tek Jansen and Northwest Passage artist Scott Chantler to bring fans their monthly dose of tropical noir.

"HAWAIIAN DICK has always been my favorite series to write," says writer B. Clay Moore. "It hits all of my favorite interests - the '50s, cocktails and the supernatural. While I'm very proud of 'Byrd of Paradise' and 'The Last Resort,' I always felt a little restricted in the miniseries format. I wanted to allow plotlines to develop more naturally. After years of mulling it over, everything came together when Steve and I met Scott Chantler."

This newfound freedom allows Moore to flesh out the world of Byrd, a disgraced Stateside detective who lands in Hawaii to forget his recent troubles. However, forces both criminal and supernatural force him out of his self imposed retirement. Byrd's new cases will be drawn Scott Chantler in the lead story while Steven Griffin will provide covers and a six-page back up every issue.

Image Comics Executive Direction Eric Stephenson adds, "To see HAWAIIAN DICK go from fledgling miniseries to a franchise strong enough to support an ongoing means a lot. We couldn't be prouder of this title, or more excited for Clay, Steven and Scott."

HAWAIIAN DICK #1 (SEP071953), a 32-page full color ongoing series with a cover price of $2.99, will be available for order in the September issue of Previews and will go on sale November 21st.

Image from Amazon
Hawaiian Dick Volume 1: Byrd Of Paradise
by B. Clay Moore, Steven Griffin

Image from Amazon
Hawaiian Dick Volume 2: The Last Resort
by B. Clay Moore, Steven Griffin, Nick Derington