To kick off 2023, Heritage is coming in strong with its Sixth Generation and Beyond Video Game Showcase Auction. Featuring over 100 unique titles, there is certainly a game for every kind of collector. The post-cartridge era of gaming introduced new and existing gamers to a whole new world of gaming and showed us just how far games could take us. Those games and consoles have since become unique and fun collector's items -- so if you're looking to start or expand an existing collection, look no further!

Nintendo DS Lite Kirby Squeak Squad Console

The Nintendo DS is one of my personal favorite consoles. It took portable gaming to a next level for me, and the design of the console was pretty chic. This rare Kirby Squeak Squad edition features Kirby on the front of the DS. This console is rare too -- only 40 were made. Australian kids media company, K-Zone, gave them away in a contest in 2017.

Heritage notes this as being Near Mint but is being sold as is. If you're bold you could open it up and play it, or just keep it in the box. After all, this is one rare console! These do not come up for sale often, so currently, there is no pride data on them.

The Haunted Mansion

Disney's The Haunted Mansion is one of the most beloved rides in Disney history and has inspired a few media spinoffs -- including a movie with Eddie Murphy, and a video game inspired by the movie. Disney Park-inspired games aren't always the best, and truly seem to appeal to a more hardcore audience. This single-player action-adventure game does have some horror, but like the ride, these happy haunts felt your sympathetic vibrations, and won't haunt you. We can not guarantee that a ghost won't follow you home.

This sealed 9.4 A+ WATA-graded game is beautiful, with only minor flaws to the body. The Haunted Mansion game is hard to come by grade, so currently there is little sales data to go off of. This is a great chance to potentially get a higher-graded game at a great cost.

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy was originally set to be the final video game by Square -- hence the title -- but the original game performed so well that fans demanded a sequel. From there, an iconic video game franchise was born. Certain games from the series, such as FF VII X, and X-II are held up in higher regard, but overall each game in the franchise is enjoyable and fun. In 2017 over 8 million copies of FF X were sold worldwide. The game is also on many "Best Of" lists globally. The game's impact is still felt to this day. Fans still cosplay as their favorite FF X characters, and this game is absolutely still played by players all over the world.

This sealed 9.8 A+ WATA-graded copy is an exceptional find. The one-year average for a graded copy is $5,760, and it does come up for sale frequently. This is a must for most video game collectors -- especially Final Fantasy fans!

*Any perceived investment advice is that of the freelance blogger and does not represent advice on behalf of GoCollect.