LOS ANGELES, CA (February 20, 2008) – Your comic convention experience just got wetter and better, thanks to The Hero Initiative.

The charity dedicated to helping older comic creators in medical or financial need is bringing a dunk tank to the Orlando MegaCon on Saturday, March 8, and fans will get a chance to dunk some of their favorite creators to win prizes. First on the hotseat is Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics editor-in-chief.

“Yes, I’m getting in the dunk tank. You heard me right, fanman!” said Quesada. “So you didn’t like the death of Captain America? How ’bout the Spider-marriage? Can you say ‘Disassembled’? Dead is dead? No smoking in Marvel Comics? Sure, you can snipe online. But can you snipe in person? Can you handle the pressure? Or do you throw like a girl?”

The top two bidders of an eBay auction will each get a chance to throw five balls to dunk Quesada. If they drop him in the drink, they’ll win personally autographed copies of Fantastic Four #554. They’ll also get bragging rights until the 12th of Forever! A separate release will be sent as soon as the auction starts, on/about Feb. 29.

“I dare you. Try and dunk me,” Quesada said. “I’ll be the driest guy in Orlando by the time you’re done sweating. I unmarried Peter Parker and Mary Jane! I can do anything! BWAHAHAHAHA!”

Other creators such as Derec Donovan (Youngblood) will risk the plunge for Hero. Fans can pay $10 for three throws, and win great prizes including T-shirts, books, and Coliseum of Comics-exclusive copies of the new Fantastic Four #554 provided by Coliseum of Comics.

The Orlando MegaCon takes place March 7-9, 2008 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. For more information, visit www.MegaConvention.com