September 19th (Berkeley, CA) - This past August Frank Espinosa and Glen Brunswick introduced readers to the mafia's secret weapon, Viper, in KILLING GIRL. On September 26th the second issue will be released alongside a new printing of the sold out first issue which sports an all-new cover by incoming series artist, Toby Cypress.

"Killing Girl has been a labor of love for Frank, Toby and me for quite some time now," said series writer Glen Brunswick. "We're ecstatic to go back to press and use the opportunity to showcase Toby's take on Viper and company."

In the first issue of KILLING GIRL, Viper's career as an assassin is put into jeopardy when a chance encounter uncovers a piece of her abandoned past life. With issue two, Viper is forced to face the reality that her present life may spell doom for those she cares for. This soul-shattering drama has apparently caught the interest of readers all over as the first issue's distribution-level sell out comes alongside orders for issue three skyrocketing above the previous numbers.

Image Publisher Erik Larsen said, "KILLING GIRL is a series I've been excited for from the get go! Toby Cypress and Frank Espinosa are doing some of their best work since THE TOURIST and ROCKETO, respectively. I cannot wait to see what they do next!"

KILLING GIRL #2 (JUL071955) and #1 2nd Printing (JUL078262), both 32-page full-color issues with a price of $2.99, are available for reorder and will be in stores September 26th. The first issue by Toby Cypress, KILLING GIRL #3 (AUG072017), will be available on October 17th.

Killing Girl #4