BERKELEY, CA (October 12th, 2007) - Paul Grist's acclaimed superhero series, JACK STAFF, goes monthly starting with January's JACK STAFF SPECIAL #1.

"I've longed to put out JACK STAFF monthly for a long time," Grist said. "Luckily, I wasn't alone as Image's Executive Director, Eric Stephenson, has wanted the same thing. We've been working together to make it happen for awhile now and I'm happy to say we already have three issues in the can with a fourth right on its heels."

JACK STAFF made its debut through Grist's own publishing house, Dancing Elephant Press, but it didn't take long into his twelve issue run to catch Stephenson's interest. The book was soon relaunched under Image and introduced a new fanbase to Jack Staff and his massive supporting cast including the Freedom Fighters, Sgt. States, Tom Tom the Robot Man and Becky Burdock: Vampire Reporter. JACK STAFF SPECIAL #1 will catch up the uninitiated and provide the perfect jumping on point to February's JACK STAFF #14.

JACK STAFF SPECIAL #1 (NOV072015), a 32-page full color comic priced at $3.50, will be available in stores January 16th.