In his latest MyCup o’Joe, Joe Quesada talks about work for hire and creator owned comics.

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Look, the hard reality is that work-for-hire keeps every facet of the entertainment industry going, and that includes comics. It makes no difference if you're a big-name talent or lesser known. And for a very clear sample of that, Robert needs to look no further than most of the other partners at Image Comics, who, after launching their creator-owned ideas, now run their businesses through work-for-hire. I don't say this to be disparaging, just as a matter of fact.

I totally agree that if you want to take the plunge into creator-owned work, if you can afford to do it and feel you have a good idea…go for it! It can be incredibly fulfilling. But to state that creator-owned work is ALL creators should be doing is a bit out of touch with the majority of the creator community, and a very narrow point of view.

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